28 September 2010

The Church of England

A load of stuff in the post, inviting me to vote for the House of Clergy in the next General Synod.

Do I really want to vote for Catholic candidates? Is it best for there to be a strong Catholic presence in the next Synod; or for it to be even weaker?

I wish I had that sound Churchman, the late Fr Lenin, to advise me. I seem to recall that he said something apposite about such dilemmas, but I can't quite summon it to mind.

By the way: people ask what I think about 'The Society of S Wilfrid and S Hilda' which, apparently, is now the solution to all the problems of the Catholic Movement. I'll work through the night and try get something on the blog by 6.00 tomorrow morning (Central European Time).


Joshua said...

Am I the only one - albeit a poor colonial boy - to think that the name "the Society of St Wilfred and St Hilda" is utterly naff?

It sounds like unconscious self-mockery.

Shades of Betjeman's "Little Sisters of the Hanging Pyx"?

Anonymous said...

In re Joshua's remark: Sounds like quite conscious self-mockery to me, which doesn't make it disagreeable.

In re the vote: why does Your Reverence bother?

Enrico said...

Cast your vote for Elaine Bardwell, Father.

William Tighe said...

Lenin dixit, "The worse, the better."

FootmanUK said...

SSWSH is very quickly going to be known as "Swish" - highly appropriate for those wearing lace albs!!