14 April 2023

Come back soon, Mr Biden!!

 Before leaving the Three Kingdoms, Mr Biden referred to a still-living relative of his, who, he said, "beat the hell out of the Blacks and Tans".

"American Presidents" are such unalloyed joys!

Are Spares available? Could we have one to keep?

Or ... even better ... a breeding pair?


Banshee said...

He makes this stuff up, of course. He has been coming out with these "story" lies since he was first in public life, though, so it is not a symptom of dementia.

If he didn't molest any kids, you folks have gotten off lightly.

Very few Americans know who the Black and Tans are, or that they were connected to the UK. There is a song and a drink, and that is it.

In my neck of the woods, people stuck with 1800's Irish songs and avoided any more recent politics.

(Which is good, because IRA songs tend to be creepy, IMO. They piggyback off better songs. The early 1900's songs are better, but tend to lean on the one poet guy having been killed, and I just don't enjoy them.)

And finding out that Molly Ban/Polly Vaughn was a real 1800's murder victim and not made up (or a "pagan survival," bleh) actually seems to have braked that song's popularity in the US Celtic community, although I know bluegrass people love their true crime murder ballads. People just want their seasonal dose of being mystically Irish, not to bring up recent bad things.

So yeah, Biden strikes me as not pleasing anyone lately, but the Democrats can't offload him yet.

Arthur Gallagher said...

Biden the Bullshitter.

Many American presidents were Irish, but most of them were Protestant. Their families emigrated to America when Presbyterian opposition to the Crown was very great. Andrew Jackson is a good example. Jackon's parents had emigrated from Ireland, and his father was from Carrickfergus. That is a real, direct connection to Ireland.

Biden, on the other hand, has a very attenuated, indeed, largely imaginary connection to Ireland. He is mostly of English and French descent.

He has a penchant for manufacturing memories and experiences that could not possibly exist. If any of his relatives participated in the Irish war of independence, they are people he never knew about, and had to be "found" This is very reminiscent of his earlier (1987) fraud, often described as "plagarism", but which actually consisted of lifting the actual facts of Neil Kinnock's life, something that goes well beyond plagarism, and constitutes fraud.

What Biden is doing today is trying to tap into the legacy of two of America's most loved presidents: John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, both of whom had real and substantial ties to Ireland.

So, if you ever wonder why Biden, a man whose family came to America long, long ago, acts as if he was born in St. Lukes Parish in the South Bronx, or some other (once) deeply Irish part of the U.S., you know why- it's all part of the ongoing fraud that is Biden Inc.

OreamnosAmericanus said...

With the exception of Ms Meloni and some of the eastern Europeans, especially Mr Orban, I cannot find any Western leaders who do not show signs of a. incompetence, b. hatred of their own people, or c. both.
This includes the incumbent Bishop of Rome. In spades.

For Mr. Biden I have nothing but unalloyed contempt, mirroring his own lifelong attitude toward actual Americans who don't belong to an Official Sacred Victim Group. The Ninth Circle has plenty of space.

As for the British Isles, now ruled by Hindus and Muslims...I have no words.

Anita Moore said...

You have my permission to keep him!

Jhayes said...

From the Guardian

“Biden was thanking Rob Kearney, a distant cousin who played in an Irish rugby team that beat New Zealand, for the tie he was wearing. “This was given to me by one of these guys, right here. He was a hell of a rugby player. He beat the hell out of the Black and Tans.”

Ireland’s rugby team won a famous victory against the All Blacks at Soldier Field in Chicago in 2016….

An official transcript of the remarks released on Thursday crossed out “Black and Tans” and inserted “All Blacks” instead.…

In Ireland, most commentary seemed to view it as funny and harmless. The Irish Times called it a “delicious gaffe”, while the Irish Mirror said Biden had left people “in stitches”. Twitter users called it a highlight of the trip. “A fantastic Freudian slip. Good lad Joe,” said one.


william arthurs said...

When John Bolton's memoirs came out some years ago, I idly flipped through it in the bookshop. Joe Biden is mentioned as someone who plagiarised a speech by Prime Minister Neil Kinnock in 1987.

This course of events began as a shared dream about "What if?"

But is it a good idea to have excessively elderly politicians? The late Hunter S. Thompson once said that in the 1972 election he had put Norman Thomas (1884-1968) as a write-in candidate for president, on the basis that being dead should not bar one from elected office.

Grant Milburn said...

I'm not American, but my understanding is that you cannot breed American Presidents as they are, by design, neither a monarchy nor a dynasty.

It is true that there have been two Bushes (father and son), two Adamses (ditto), two Harrisons (grandfather and grandson), two Roosevelts (fifth cousins), two Johnsons (no relation), and two Clevelands (the same man.)

Six years ago, it looked as if there might be two Clintons (husband and wife), but of course that was not to be. DeWitt Clinton, (no relation) lost to Madison, so there's a trifecta that never was.

Howard said...

Well, the Brits have given us their Spare, and he's now a part of a breeding pair, so I hope you're happy. I'd like them to go back, but the Brits don't want 'em back.

Banshee said...

Is that what he was going on about? The US media didn't even say, and internet search was being obstructive. Argh.

Of course, it makes sense in the US to unconsciously shy away from associating taboo words like "Blacks" with "beat." But the replacement with another taboo phrase... That is impressive.

Grant Milburn said...

Me, a Kiwi: oh, so Joe meant the ABs. An understandable mistake, since "All Black" and "Black and Tan" both refer to the colors of the respective uniforms.

I see that Biden met the ABS in 2016, and has played rugby himself back in the day. Credit where credit is due: I'll mark that up as a point in his favour.

I wonder whom he's going to support at the Rugby World Cup in France this September. Ireland are ranked first and NZ third, so that will be fun to watch.