31 March 2023

Geminating the Seven Dolours

 The Three Maniacs (sic Bouyer) who trashed and smashed the Calendar in 1969 suppressed the Feast of the Seven Dolours (today), and helpfully explained "supprimitur, uti geminatio festi sub eodem titulo die 15 Septembris agendi".

Goodie! I pray that the same principle ... the Suppression of Geminatio ... will soon be applied to the vile Pseudo-Hippolytan Eucharistic Prayer II. Indeed, Geminatio is such a horrible crime, that I do hope PF will rise from his hospital bed and do some more banning of this particular Geminatio before we get into Holy Week. Because Holy Week is a period when overworked 'mainstream' presbyters (I think in future I may call them Geminators) may be tempted to use ... for their umpteenth thousandth time ... this nasty (but, of course, both Valid and Licit) formulary.

Our Blessed Lady ... so very much like a woman ... does tend ... evasively ... to slip back in even where it has been made perfectly clear to her that she simply is not wanted. So, in one of the post 1969 editions of the Roman Missal, a Collect for the Dolorosa edged past the Swiss guards and ... Yes!!! ... back into the texts offered for today, Friday in Passion Week. Crafty!

Our beloved and sorrowful Mother ... hold onto your hats ... has actually done something even worse.  In the Ordinariate Missal (promulgated 2015) the entire (1727) Baroque Mass for Our Lady of Sorrows (headed "St Mary in Passiontide"; "Mary at the Cross" was Bishop David Silk's brilliant englishing of her title) has displaced today's Lenten ferial Mass. There isn't even an un-Marian alternative printed for use by the anti-geminating community!!!

For heaven's sake ... nobody tell Uncle Arthur ...


Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

The Catholic Church remains in captivity -

As Michael Davies noted - Archbishop Bugnini was the most influential figure in the implementation of this liturgical revolution, which he described in 1974 as “a major conquest of the Catholic Church.”

and the N.O. remains the normative liturgy and Our Pope and Our Cross fears it the way a vampire fears and loathes a wooden steak (a type of cross really )and it is the chain which binds the Catholic Church.

The Holy Holocaust is the key to the liberation of the Catholic Church.

The idea the Holy Holocaust is forbidden by The Vatican while its has invited the World Jewish Congress to open an office inside the Vatican is more than coincidental.

Who doesn't remember the wicked vitriol unleashed by the ADL over the publication of Dominus Jesus?

Insider influence for the Messias-Deniers and obloquy for the Trad Mass

It's how Our Pope and Our Cross rolls.

Banshee said...

MJGNM - Leaving out the anti-Semitism would make your argument better.

Marc in Eugene said...

I don't know what the WJC 'having opened an office in the Vatican' and 'insider influence' necessarily do or do not connote but I certainly remember the angry criticism by some of the Jewish organisations' activists (but certainly not only them!) when Dominus Iesus was published.