23 July 2022

horns galore?

 According to Meejah, Liz Truss, who aspires to be our next First Lord of the Treasury, had an extra-marital affaire. She said it had strengthened her marriage.

Sounds to me a very feminine sort of wile, to explain to your husband that you did him a good turn by cuckolding him.

The late Mr Johnson ... er ... ....


John Vasc said...

In much the same way, one might strengthen respect for the Lord's Name by blaspheming, increase a neighbour's wealth by burgling his house and stealing his car, and lengthen his life by killing him.

Banshee said...

Bankers and financiers are supposed to be boring, because they have fiduciary duties to be trustworthy.

She was right to admit it in public, but nobody doing treasury stuff for governments should be doing anything blackmailable or illegal or immoral.

If you will cheat on your husband, knowing that it is stupid and greedy, you will also not let scruples stop you when you want to steal from your country. She should have changed to another line of work.

John Patrick said...

I learned something new. I didn't know that by custom the PM is also the First Lord of the Treasury. One of those little things that makes Britain fascinating to us on the other side of the Lake.

I suppose the aftermath of an affair, if it causes a married couple to do some serious examination of their relationship and subsequent conversation, could strengthen it in the long run. Not that I would recommend cuckolding as a path to improving one's marriage.