26 June 2021


Today, Saturday, I received this welcome and joyous email;

Tomorrow [i.e. Sunday June 27] on the Feast of Our Mother of Perpetual Succour, Father Anthony Mary's 30th anniversary of ordination, we will be live streaming the Solemn High Mass. The link is available here: https://youtu.be/rtn l1W-q6U

Ad Multos Annos!


JSzczuka said...

What time, in what zone, Fr Hunwicke?

JSzczuka said...

What time, in what time zone, Fr. Hunwicke?

PDLeck said...

I, too, would like to ask where. I followed the link and was lead to a surprisingly sparse YouTube page. There was nothing else on it but a black screen saying 'Video not available'. That, in my experience, usually implies it can only be viewed in certain countries and not the one you're in if that's what you see.

Fr John Hunwicke said...

Fearing these complications, I copied the email exactly as it came to me!

Grant Milburn said...

Try this link:

Almost the same as the one above: a free Mars Bar if you can spot the difference.

PDLeck said...

@Grant Milburn: I have spotted the difference. In your link there is an underscore between rtn and l1W. I do not, however, like Mars Bar. Please may I have a Bounty instead? I like the one with the red wrapping, i.e. with dark rather than milk chocolate.

Grant Milburn said...

@PDLeck. Well done! Yes the underlining in the first link obscures the fact that there is simply a space between the n and the |. This is of course verboten in a URL.

Bounty is a good choice. You probably know that after the mutiny, Captain Bligh and 18 others sailed in an open boat from the neighborhood of Tahiti to Kupang, in what is now Indonesian territory. Subsequently, Bligh and some of the others stopped off at Batavia (where I live) on their way home.

I found the Bounty with dark chocolate on the Tokopedia shopping app. Do you live in Indonesia? I'm afraid they don't deliver outside the archipelago.

PDLeck said...

@Grant Milburn, no I don't live in Indonesia. I have flown through its airspace but have never been there. I do think you really ought to have published the full terms and conditions in your original post ☺