4 February 2021

British ... English ... Scottish ...

Foreigners often treat 'British' and 'English' as synonyms; so it's jolly nice to find that Lifesitenews doesn't make this mistake. 

But, if it wants to criticise a Scottish bishop, why doesn't it call him Scottish rather that British? That would give everybody more headline info ... and would not leave me feeling that I have been ever so slightly tarred with a Caledonian Brush.

His silly lordship, according to the account in LSN,  has urged us to celebrate annually the paeneapostasis of the Abu Dhabi statement today, on February 4. He thinks that this would create an elegant bridge between Holocaust Memorial Day and some daft week in February the title of which I have already forgotten and fully intend to leave forgotten.

Interesting how, after Vatican II, the Pre-Lent Gesima Sundays were ruthlessly abolished in the interests of simplicity ... but now those with youthful impetuosity and a new agenda just can't wait to create new and complex seasons glorifying syncretism.

Hat ... rabbit ... aren't they clever! We could give them one of Boris's National Claps!

If some right reverend prelates are so keen on the Novus Ordo, why can't they content themselves with drawing out the inexhaustible riches of of the Novum Calendar?


DMG said...

The same Bishop McGee who, last year, hosted a joint Catholic-Islamic prayer service, as did (or at least approved) Bishop John Keenan of Paisley(!). Being a Caledonian type myself, I haven't yet discovered a correlation between that and being syncretistic/apostate, so fear not, kind pastor.

Atticus said...

Jolly nice indeed, Father. I understand the Canadian journalist who penned this piece (who is unlikely, I imagine, to have had a say in choosing the headline) to be both resident in Scotland and conjugally connected to one of the sons of Caledonia. Best of luck to her.

The tendency you describe of conflating English and British results not infrequently in Scots being implicitly associated with whatever English enormities are being ascribed, as well as vice versa. It's a sair fecht, richt enow. But this proud scion of Old Scotia will always be glad when Scots are brought under the British epithet, if only to remind everyone (and to irk many) that Brits we are and Brits most us chose (and choose?) to remain.