3 September 2020

New Format

There should be paragraph breaks in the piece I have just published. Sadly, the b*****s have, overnight, changed the format.It is now unclear to me how to do a lot of commonplace things.


Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father. You have the option to click on "revert to legacy blogger" link when you sign in and start to prepare a new post.

The link is on the left side of your screen

Christophorus said...

I note that you have " /b>" in the last comment.
If this was "/b" it would be an "end bold" did you mean which would be a line break.

Sprouting Thomas said...

I read the starred word as "boffins" on the first pass.

Marc in Eugene said...

I had begun to think that I was the only one noticing the Blogger user interface nonsense that has been ongoing now for weeks. The most amusing morning was when I had elements of both the old style and the new style appearing simultaneously, with the 'revert to...' button failing to accomplish anything at all. Eventually they'll get tired of fussing with it, I reckon.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father. This is O.T. but ABS wanted to let you know he sought a copy of an American Pastroal Letter, "A Christian in Action." but he does not how to turn the Adobe file into something He could let others have access to. ABS solicited the text from an archivist at CUA.

Signed by Cardinals Dennis Doughty of Philadelphia, Edward Mooney of Detroit, Samuel Stritch of Chicago, Francis Spellman of New York, Richard Cushing of Boston, and others, the Pastoral Letter of 1948, “A Christian in Action” teaches American Catholics the American Proposition in opposition to Catholic - State Doctrine.

The content of the letter raises other doctrine taught by Pope Leo XIII but does not refer to his Church-State doctrine.

Duplicitous much?

Thus in 1948 The Catholic Church in America was already mired in the quicksand of the Americanist Heresy and was sinking fast.

ABS was born into this monstrous heresy/lie and, it goes without saying, that Pope Pius XII did not correct the heresy/error/lie and, thus, the lie became the truth the vast majority of Catholics now accept.