5 September 2020

Dog Days

According to the 1552 BCP, the Dog Days end today (having begun on July 7; medieval calendars offered different dates). I wonder why Cranmer put them, and Zodiacal information, back into his Calendar, having left them out in 1549. Was he making a syncretistic journey from Zwinglianism to Astrology? Perhaps his Third Prayer Book would have included Pachamama, probably in the Commination.

The late Hesiod claimed that, during the Dog Days, women were miarotatai but men were hors de combat. D'you think Cranmer kept his wife padlocked in her box during the Dog Days?

Safe now for me to go out for a walk again, then, without risk of being indecently assaulted by the sisterhood.

(Incidentally, at the moment the sisterhood is terribly, most terribly, exercised about a Mr Abbot, from Oz, who has volunteered to help us strike trade deals with Johnny Foreigner. Whatever can he have done?)


Joshua said...

He, when Prime Minister (of Australia, having years earlier renounced his British citizenship in order to be elected to the Australian Parliament, since no one subject to a foreign power - which includes Her Majesty in right of any other of her dominions - may be validly elected thereto) rather impertinently arranged for Her Majesty (in right of Australia) to confer a knighthood (in the Order of Australia) on her Prince Consort, whom one might have thought held quite enough styles and titles already for any man (including godhood and the object of idolatrous worship in a pagan cult of the New Hebrides, which rather leaves his sovereign wife in the shade, she being merely Supreme Governor of the Church of England, allegedly a Christian cult); nevertheless, "arise, Sir Philip"?!

PM said...

For one thing, Mr Abbott is a Catholic and a friend who stood by Cardinal Pell during the appalling travesty of his trial and imprisonment.

Sue Sims said...

He's written a moving tribute in First Things to Fr Paul Mankowski SJ, who died very suddenly of a brain aneurysm a couple of days ago. Those of you who followed 'Diogenes' in the Catholic World Report, and Fr Mankowski's brilliant, scholarly and often hilarious writings will lament his death, and appreciate Mr Abbott's piece: https://www.firstthings.com/web-exclusives/2020/09/remembering-fr-paul-mankowski

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father. Stay close to home and do not visit a big American City because Antifa is kicking off the second American Civil War and this one is not, as Kevin Phillips noted, " A Cousins War, " a war twixtt factions of America-loving men.

Antifa is far worse than what some imagine them to be, radicalised trouble-making college grads without a respectable job.

Antifa is a professionalised domestic army with organisational structure and they represent the first serious probes and thrust into normal America and they are testing whether or not the putative political professionals will confront them.

Its ally BLM (Burning, Looting, Murdering) has already defanged the local police forces in the cities where Antifa is allowed to operate and roam free.

There will be war because war has already arrived in several big American cities but we will not be told about this because of The LIARs (Low Information American Reporters) working in The major media because most are sympathetic to the coming confrontation and conflagration.

They hate America with a puissant passion and they seek its utter destruction and they lust to lay waste the homes, stores, properties and lives of normal Americans, you know, the deplorables.

America's Intelligent agencies have fomented color revolutions abroad and now those malign programs, including the recruitment of demented men, providing them weapons, providing training and tactical support and providing them money are being brought back home to be used to destroy America.

It is an open question as to just how deeply involved in this insurrection/coup The Deep State and The military are but what is not in question is the professionals in Antifa:


william arthurs said...

Fun fact: Tony Abbott had a try-out for the religious life on his return to Australia following PPE at the Queen's College.

As he later said: "I had a shot at celibacy, and I failed."