17 September 2019

A splendid day ...

... with Cardinal Burke. He eloquently presented the document Declaration of the Truths Relating to Some of the Most Common Errors in the Life of the Church of Our Time, signed by himself and four other bishops.

As those who have already studied it will know, this is a most important document. It begins with a ringing affirmation of the phrase eodem sensu eademque sententia. These words not only occur in the Decree Dei Filius of Vatican I; they have appeared also in the more recent Magisterium, and go back, through S Vincent of Lerins, to S Paul.

I wrote a number of pieces tracing its history in October 2017.

Mendacious spirits may use the imminent canonisation as an opportunity to claim S John Henry Newman as an advocate of the idea that "Development" can convert lead into gold; error into truth; X into nonX. We need this ringing endorsement of the principle that any presentation of the Faith must rest upon what has in the past been taught with authority, and must have

the same sense and the same meaning.


Bop said...

Yes, but authority is so fickle. As witnessed by those who do not submit to it.

coradcorloquitur said...

I very much fear that, although a joyous occasion, the canonization of the great John Henry Newman is more than the right acknowledgement of the great convert's holiness. Given Pope Bergoglio's amply demonstrated tactic of using every single occasion to promote the destruction of the Catholic Faith as understood for two millenia, it is both logical and just to assume that Newman's sound and totally Christian notion of the development of doctrine may be the coveted golden nugget needed by Pope Francis to "justify" all the changes in magisterial doctrine he desires and which are inexorably coming. Yes, we can take some kind of comfort in knowing that Newman's notion of development is thoroughly Catholic, but the hard, tragic fact will remain that immense portions of the Church will be induced to accept heresy (unprecedented changes in defined doctrine and sound pastoral praxis) in the name of "development." More tragic than all of that, were it imaginable, is the fact that we can do nothing but pray and wait for the Lord to intervene in the defense of His presently raped Church. Such are the fruits of the perverted and diabolical blind obedience upon which the destruction of the Church has been grounded---and against which the great Marcel Lefebvre raised his calm and totally Catholic voice while the "blind obedience dupes" (some commenting on this very blog) clutched their pearls about going against the Holy Father. So much answering to be done in this world and, above all, in the next.