15 July 2018

Personally ...

Brother Yankie Doodle, who has not always been averse to Changing Regimes throughout the World, is all of a sudden getting enormously indignant about Brother Russkie interfering in his politics. I find this richly hilarious.

But, a fortiori, if it is true that American political structures really are so risibly fragile, so vulnerable to a sharp little fixer like Vladimir Vladimirovich, you'd think Yankie Doodle would want to conceal such a humiliating fact rather than boasting about having been made such a laughing stock.

I shall never understand the Yankie national mindset (I am not assisted by the fact that most Americans I know tell me that they also fail to understand it). But if DT and VV really were to establish a fruitful relationship, I think it could be very good for all of us.

Perhaps all those Nasty Neocons might be dressed up in orange jumpsuits and then Specially Renditioned to Siberia or to a waterboarding facility on a rapidly melting Arctic ice floe somewhere to the North of Murmansk.


Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Oncet (1918) America was part of of a military force that invaded Russia and America has since then always identified them as evil incarnate. We whipped them soundly in the cold war and we became the Evil Empire (which was always the subtext intent of the Puritan divines)

What is quite interesting is that the revolution is now spent.


James Burnham is identified. Note that James Burnham was the ideologist behind Bill Buckley's ,National Review; yes, a commie bastid was the brains behind conservatism.

National Review was a CIA Op from the get-go

Buckley was a CIA agent and he got $100,000.000 dollars from his Dad to start the internationalist oriented periodical with the rest of the funding coming from the CIA and Buckley's function was to rid conservatism of the unsavory - the deplorables of the time who wanted peace and protectionism.

There is only one choice for men and that is The Kingship of Christ. Period.

Adam 12 said...

The real title of this drama, if it were a Star Wars movie, might be something like "The Swamp Strikes Back." Coincidence that the latest release was just before the Putin meeting?

Dad29 said...

Will it help if I tell you that the "Russki Interference" had no effects, but that it was blown up into a National Emergency Crisis (!!!!) by the party of H. Clinton when it was clear that she lost?

And that, in fact, H. Clinton's real loyalty after herself, was to Red China?

There. That should clear it all up for you!

Banshee said...

Dad29 is right. The USSR was always meddling in US politics, Russia has continued the tradition, and the Democratic Party has almost always been the beneficiary. (Along with a few very liberal Republicans, and the entire US Communist and Green parties. Look up ANSWER to find out why so many demonstrations in the US have identical signage.) China also has been doing its own bit for years and years, and the Clinton machine has been the usual beneficiary.

This sudden discovery by the Democrats that Russians Are Bad has been the subject of a great deal of hilarity by the average Republican or libertarian, and the rare conservative Democrat.

In any case, the only dangerous political cheating that's going on is in Democratic precincts, by native-born US citizens determined to create 200% turnout. The method is the old-fashioned one of getting the dead to vote Democrat. (And the unregistered, and the people who have moved away, and inhabitants of nursing homes who are too physically and mentally disabled to make decisions or move a finger.)

The Russians, for all the money they throw at it, are amateurs. The Chinese are a little better. But homegrown American machine politics are the real problem.

Kathleen1031 said...

I dunno Dad, hold on, Hillary was unfaithful to Vlad, because she took TONS of money from the Saudis. Feminism takes a big back seat when $$ is involved, and nobody does it better than the Clintons. Suddenly honor killings and the required submission of females, FGM, it's all palatable, no, INVISIBLE, when money can be had.
The US expects Russia to try to interfere with things, it's what they do. Russia has been on the world hot seat ever since the Olympics were held there and Putin would not let it turn into an LGBT Fest. When he put the brakes on that, all Hell has broken out over Russia ever since.
President Trump clearly had nothing to do with Russia. He didn't need it! Sixty three million savvy Americans voted for him, and will do it again in 2020.
I fail to understand why any Christian would not totally support Donald Trump. What IS it about the Islamic takeover of Christendom that people find so irresistible?

Deacon Nicholas said...

As a former CIA staff historian, I've learned that people will believe just about any nonsense about CIA.

Donna Bethell said...

Dear Father, you cannot expect that +310 million people will agree about an "American mindset." We are deeply divided on virtually every important issue. I agree it is risible that anyone should be shocked, shocked that Russia might have tried to interfere in our elections, given that the U.S. is an old hand at interference in other countries' internal politics. But as with spies and civil disobedience, the perpetrator must expect to be punished if caught.

Many of us are much enjoying Mr. Trump's disruptive ways. I was privileged to be in England last week as he dealt with Britain's body politic. As someone noted, he plays bad cop to his own good cop. What fun. And the Spectator and the The Times of London admitted he scored some solid punches, telling truths others dare not utter. NATO deadbeats, protectionism, and Brexit fumbling came in for good drubbings. Also the hapless mayor of London, who has failed to deliver on his own campaign promises as the great metropolis muddles on.

And even if I didn't actually support many of Mr. Trump's policies, the thought of what the Clinton criminal enterprise would have done to this country and the world is more than enough to justify my vote. So that's my mindset.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Dear Deacon.. Q anon writes that as C_A (intelligence absent)

Now, men may think these United Staes are an insane and evil empire but it is not America's fault the entire world is against us and causes us to divide the world into Military Commands - Southern, Northern, African etc - and forces America to put bases everywhere and those bases that have been erupting all over the world like Kaposi Sarcoma spots erupt on an AIDS victim but America is not the disease, it is the victim.


coradcorloquitur said...

The forbidden truth behind all the anti-Russia hysteria is that its ultimate instigator has a name, with the USA sadly acting as its agent: Israel. What matters to the "Powers-That-Be" is not what is good for this good country but what serves the interests of a foreign power that has a Spengali-like hold on it. The main actors in this real and immense betrayal are the Neo-Cons, the same criminals who gave us the murderous Iraqui War under the lie of non-existent "weapons of mass destruction," the abandonment of the remaining Christian minority in the Middle East, and other and numerous nefarious acts. One after another the "troublesome" neighbors had to be taken care of: Libya, Iraq, hopefully (for them) Syria, and ultimately Iran. And Putin has stood up to them, with all his evident and serious faults and shady past, and done the unpardonable in the eyes of our globalist masters: embarked on a return to Russian folk culture,tradition and religion as well as the punishment of those who would import into Holy Mother Russia the horrors of the West that pass for human rights; a fitting emblem of Russia's resistance to the depravity which is western liberalism was the punishment of the group of blaspheming misfits who desecrated the Moscow cathedral---a judicial measure that would have been found normal in any Christian nation not that long ago and which is still a fitting self-defense in any well-ordered society against its destroyers. RC

Sadie Vacantist said...

As an historian of the CIA would you be so kind as to explain their role in the 1953 coup in Iran?