14 May 2018

The (new) Bishop's fine new mitre ...

Firstly: apologies to those to whom I have, in the last fortnight, failed to reply. As I did explain a fortnight ago, I have been in retreat from Modernity ... id est, from all in-coming information about the World, the Flesh, and the Devil. I have now enabled many of the Comments some of you sent me during those two weeks.

A nice worldly, fleshly, and devilish tit-bit I missed in that period was about the daft new Austrian Bishop who wears a see-through Chasuble. My first thought, reading this, was to wonder whether his Mitre is also see-through. (My second: to wonder if the gentleman knows the story of the Emperor's New Suit.)

Indeed, episcopal rings, pectoral crosses, and pallia could all be made see-through too.

Why not?

After all, such trinkets only concern mere status. They are terribly out of the spirit of Bergoglian humility.The Mozetta PF wore when he first stepped out as Pope onto the balcony of S Peter's was, you will remember, entirely see-through.


Et Expecto said...

If the bishop in question had a see-through skull, we might understand the realproblem.

A Daughter of Mary said...

I can't resist wondering if underneath this poor man's transparent clothing, he, himself, is transparent as well. We might then be able to see that he is EMPTY. Now entering my dotage I would be reluctant to appear with anything even remotely 'see-through.' Shall we give him some points for bravery?

Prayerful said...

Sadly in the era of the HF Pope Francis, all the 'Spirit of V2' lunatics crawled out of the woodwork.