24 April 2018


Dear Ansgar

For reasons I cannot fathom, my computer will not allow me to reply to your personal, and courteous, email.

Can we amicably agree to differ?

Dear John

Thank you for your repetitively offered comment. Frankly, it would have been even more convincing if you had found the energy to offer it a fourth time, or even a fifth.

Is the 'Chittister' whom you so thricely commend to me and my readers of Irish origin? I am no philologist, but her name sounds to me rather like that of the old Ulster Protestant gentry Chichester family as it might be reproduced by someone who had got tied up in a titillating tongue-twister. I hesitate, on a Family Blog, to offer a reconstruction of what that twongue-tister might be.

Dear Sadie

It's news to me that PF "inherited" Amoris laetitia and all the other rubbish from poor Professor Ratzinger. It all goes to show what a cunning old ***************** he was.

Are you sure you've got this right?


  1. This wouldn’t be the first time with Pope and heterodxy or heresy.
    I’m glad he brought back the TLM, but otherwise, he was a son of the council.

  2. Many years ago I met the mother of “living saint” Jean Vanier for lunch (the Canadians are trying to get both parents of Jean canonised). I enquired about her family:-

    1) “You know about Jean”.
    2) “My daughter Thérèse works as a doctor in a hospice for the dying in London, England”.
    3) “Another son is an abbot of a Benedictine monastery”.
    4) “The other two are divorced”.

    This encounter was more than 35 years ago. Two saintly parents failed to produce a single, successful Catholic marriage. A 100% failure rate. I then consider my own late aunt and uncle. Two hard drinking Catholics who never went near a church in adulthood and enjoyed life to the full. Their three lapsed Catholic children are all happily married.

    The sacramental life of the Church is in chaos and has been for decades. Blaming Pope Francis makes no sense. We need something more drastic than an asterisk in a papal exhortation. What I would prefer is a total reset of the sacrament of marriage:

    1) Annul all marriages.
    2) Renew all the marriage vows of those who wish to stay married i.e. flush out the bad ones as per step 1.
    3) Return to the pastoral praxis whereby reception of the sacred species is extraordinary and not the norm i.e. for the sick, dying and handicapped.

    1. Why doesn't the Catholic Church simply raise self-euthanization to the level of a Sacrament?

      It solves ALL of the problems that your silliness creates, S.V.!


  3. Perhaps of interest and use:


  4. That is simply a dumb idea. Please read John 6, my friend.

  5. No-one - be he Pope or street-sweeper - could annul our marriage, because it is a natural and sacramental reality. To say it has never existed would be a lie.

    And today is our wedding anniversary ... 31 short years ...

    Tony McGough

  6. @unknown: You would have your vows immediatedly renewed at Mass following the annulment. One minor inconvenience. Debt forgiveness is key to our faith. It is the only mechanism which works in economics and for that reason is invoked by Our Lord in Mark's gospel at the beginning of his public ministry. The 2008 financial crisis was not solved because of the failure to cancel debt. For forgiveness to work everyone must take a hit including you and your wife.

    How can I what say be nonsense? What I am recommending has been practiced under the natural law since the time of the Assyrians.