5 April 2018

Mueller on whether Laudato si is Magisterial

"... nobody is obliged to accept uncritically everything that [the pope is] saying, for example, about political or scientific questions. That's his personal opinion, but nothing to do with our Catholic Faith."


Anonymous said...

Yes, but are we obliged to critically reject it?

Mr Grumpy said...

Well, OK, but isn't that what all too many of his compatriots said about Mit brennender Sorge? Isn't it part of the Pope's job to make prudential judgments about the moral implications of specific political and scientific developments, and isn't our default position supposed to be that we sit up and take notice? Should we lightly say we are dispensed from doing so by our concerns about other aspects of his papacy?

Arthur Gallagher said...

PF is a flim-flam operator. Just the sort you get after a palace coup.