22 March 2018

Mgr Vigano

Dario Vigano deserves our respect for his principled resignation. Continued criticism of him or his actions would be quite improper.

Have you read the exchange of letters between him and PF? As I did, our English word 'cronyism' fluttered though my mind.

I wonder what 'cronyism' would be in other modern European languages.


Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Vigano he no gono
quit because he had sinned
now back as fast as the wind
that carries the smell of guano

Victor said...

G├╝nstlingswirtschaft is how I would translate it into German. Maybe Vetternwirtschaft, though this might be more properly rendered as nepotism.

Rose Marie said...

Well, yes, he did resign. A brief note from Pope Francis, on the order of "Your resignation is accepted," would have been sufficient. He now occupies a newly placed deckchair. And the beat goes on.

Ivanmijeime said...

Cronyism - the appointment of friends and associates to positions of authority, without proper regard to their qualifications.
This is the main, if not the only, principle of every political appointment, but also all others more or less important position in every COMMUNISTIC regime.
There are many similar words in other languages, especially in such countries where the communists were (and still are but then just in other clothes) the rulers.

A "Commism" would be a perfect synonym for Cronyism.

Unknown said...

“Amiguismo” or (as an analogy commonly extended) “nepotismo” in Spanish.

A Daughter of Mary said...

Sorry, Dear Father, but his resignation was not principled. He did not acknowledge any wrong-doing but in essence said that the reaction to what was found out that he did made his job untenable. That's not principled in my mind. If he had even said that he was sorry, and that he had learned that honesty was the best policy, and that in future he'd be a good boy - but no…

And, sorry again, but Pope Francis' response was equally weak, and dare I say it? unprincipled. This fellow should not be in any advisory position, no matter how "skilled" he is said to be - if he is dishonest, Francis should have accepted his resignation and suggested that he move on to a post elsewhere.

Why should Francis' vaunted mercy saddle us with this dishonest 'communications' expert into the future? Shame, no principle.

Marco da Vinha said...

Where might one be able to find the exchange?

Nicolas Bellord said...



Sandro Magister has now published the letters between Vigano and Pope Francis. Vigano did not resign; he merely asked to be taken aside for a bit of re-education.

And the Pope replies (google translation)

"Following our last meetings and after a long thought and carefully considered the reasons for his request to make a "step back" in the direct responsibility of the Department for communications, respect his decision and welcome, not without some effort, the resignation from Prefect.

I ask you to continue by staying at the Dicastery, appointing it as Councilor for the Dicastery of communication to be able to give its human and professional contribution to the new Prefect to the reform project desired by the Council of Cardinals, approved by me and regularly shared. Reformation now reached the final section with the imminent merger of the Osservatore Romano within the unique communication system of the Holy See and the unification of the Vatican Typography."

Looks as though after the imminent merger Vigano will have an even bigger empire to control.

Marc in Eugene said...

The letters are linked to in yesterday's (21 March) Bollettino, here, in Dr Burke's dichiarazione.

Ceile De said...

What if poor Monsignor Vigano was only following orders from above? What would be an appropriate eay to handle this matter then for his superior?

pjotr said...

In Dutch cronyism means 'vriendjespolitiek". Literally translated: 'politics on behalf of little friends'.

Alan said...

I find "clientelismo" suggested in Italian. From my limited knowledge of its usage, it seems a reasonable equivalent, though the words may mean exactly the same.

William said...

@A Daughter of Mary: Unless I have misapprehended his capacity for irony, I suspect that you are in fact in agreement with Fr H.