8 February 2018

News from Kent

Sources not a million miles from Broadstairs suggest that the SSPX elections this year will provide the Society with a new non-episcopal Superior. And that the admirable Bishop Fellay could end up in Rome, heading a revamped Ecclesia Dei. What a very intriguing prospect!

Surely, it would be jolly to have, under the roof of the Palazzo of the Holy Office, a prelate who has unambiguously demonstrated his orthodoxy by signing our completely unambiguous Filial Correction of PF. Remember, too, that the CDF is Line Manager for the Ordinariates. It would also, surely, be pleasantly cosy that within those wallowed halls there should be an additional prelate whose instincts were sympathetic to the Ordinariates. The icing on the cake would be for the poor still-persecuted Franciscans of the Immaculate to be transferred to his care. Fellay for Cardinal! The Unity Candidate!

How splendid it is, bonum et iucundum, when brethren dwell together in unity. Perhaps His Excellency should grow a beard as long as Aaron's so that the oil could pour down it! I bet he would love to revisit his and my wonderful friends on Papa Stronsay. When I was there, they told me that I was 'sleeping in Bishop Fellay's bed'; perhaps they will tell him next time that he is sleeping in Fr Hunwicke's bed, before taking him to pick cherries in the greenhouse and to chat with the black guillemots on the quay. He could repay the cherries by granting the Community faculties to resume celebrating the Byzantine Rite in their lovely little Ukrainian chapel.

As the Redemptorist Brethren politely opened a large farm gate for me to walk through, one of them, with the bewitching insouciance of the young, casually remarked: 'Bishop Fellay just jumped over that'.

I hope and pray that His Excellency is still no less lithe.

Also, that the finances and properties of the Society are legally tied up so tightly that Roman fingers can never get anywhere near them. Those fingers made a determined attempt to raid the Trustees of the FI. Greedy! Naughty!


Riddley said...

That would indeed be a fine thing! I do hope though that any "revamping" of Ecclesia Dei is in fact that, and not a defanging.

B flat said...

Dear Father, You have been very productive in delighting us with your enthusiasms these last few days! My sincere thanks.

However, this dream regarding Bp Fellay's next task is too near a nightmare. As they say. I would not wish my worst enemy that position, or any position at all, in the current Roman Curia. Heaven forbid.

Randolph Crane said...

Those are indeed splendid news! I do hope Fellay will get the sacred purple one day. We need orthodox and traditional-minded priests and bishops running the Roman Curia!

Sixupman said...

A veritable Daniel? I sincerely hope not. If only we had the beloved Msgr. Lefebvre with us - integrity personified.

coradcorloquitur said...

Nothing could describe better Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre than how Sixupman has done: "Integrity personified." Yet, miracolo!, some who on this very blog have accused him of being "schismatic and disobedient" for consecrating Fellay bishop (an act that brought both the schism and the disobedience in the eyes of those who seem to consider "obedience"---always a qualified rather than absolute virtue---above the "cure of souls," the Church's first duty) now wish for Fellay to come to the rescue by accepting a position in the Roman Curia. Is this what Sister Lucy meant by a general "disorientation" in the Church? I always thought that what differentiated Catholics from liberals and assorted adherents of modern errors was their tenacious adherence to the Law of Non-Contradiction. Very strange indeed.

Christopher Boegel said...

I would do nothing with the treacherous “Francis-Kirk.”

Randolph Crane said...

If you are talking about me, dear Sir, I think you misunderstood something. Lefebvre was clearly disobedient and schismatic PER DEFINITIONEM. As I have said previously, the justification of those acts might be considered from different points of view. I will stick with Saint John Paul II. On the other hand, having traditional-minded bishops in key positions in the Roman Curia, is a very agreeable thing to have.

Please do not assume I am disoriented. And please drop the self-righteous facade of being the Defensor Fidei yourself. That is not very becoming. I always thought that what differentiated Saints from sinners and assorted adherents of sin was their tenacious humility.

BTW, Lefebvre has my sympathies.

Fr John Hunwicke said...

I think I had better conclude this dialogue, which has become a trifle fractious. I myself used to think that, back in 1988, Archbishop Lefebvre should have been willing to trust, if not Pope John Paul, then Joseph Ratzinger. My current thinking is that events have proved the Archbishop right. I was not infallible in 1988 and I am not infallible now!

As far as the "Francis-Kirk" is concerned, I would certainly agree that there are treacherous people around, but I remind myself that Christ's Church Militant here in Earth is the Body and Bride of Christ.

Goodness gracious ... am I being eirenic?!?!

Albrecht von Brandenburg said...

Randolph Crane, you are trying to turn a moral virtue into a theological one. And, obedience is regulated by the precepts of the moral law.

andreas said...

Bless those at Broadstairs, but I wouldn't take their rumors seriously. I just can't see Bishop Fellay make welcome by the Vatican in any capacity.