3 November 2017

Gimme money!

Don't miss this ... a wonderfully, miraculously funny piece of hysteria in The National Catholic Reporter by an individual called Michael Sean Winters, screaming his abuse at Fr Weinandy. It is a classic, a real winner!

One little factual query. Winters says that the opponents of PF (opponents whom, incidentally, he appears to invite to leave the Church or at least her Ministry) are "well-funded and very noisy". If he would count me in this category, I would have no problem about being deemed "very noisy".

But "well-funded"? My wife and I live off our Church of England pension, with one or two modest additions. 

"Well-funded"! How do I get my hands on all this limitless loot which is apparently swilling around? Who dispenses it? To whom should I make application? Why has nobody told me about this before? How is a poor convert supposed to know about this eldorado if nobody tells him?

I want money! And I want it now! Just tell me whom to ask! 


Highland Cathedral said...

It's a spill-over from the debate over climate change. In that debate the people who don't like debating accuse the people on the other side of being funded by wealthy people. The people who get accused would also be only too glad to receive some of this money they are alleged to be given.

Master Dickey said...

Wonderful, Fr Hunwicke! Positively marvelous! The claim of "well funded" is one that Winters throws around quite often. Your quite right about MSW's post at the "Fishwrap".

Paulusmaximus said...

"Well Funded". How often have I heard this off-the-shelf term of abuse directed at pro-lifers, supporters of traditional marriage, and faithful Catholics. The source of the funding is rarely specified, but the implication (nudge, nudge) is that the subject can tap into funding from some very shady American source maybe even the KKK, National Rifle Association, John Birch Society or the Westboro Baptists! If only we could get the evidence! "Liberals" who throw these accusations around are, of course, improverished, marginalised, and without support from the Church establishment, media, or any political grouping! Alternatively, in your case, Father, Mr Winters may have read too much into the title of your blog: "Mutual Enrichment"!

jcolementoroh said...

Today in the news, the pot calls the kettle black.

Anonymous said...

I believe The George Soros Foundation has pretty abundant funds to doll out on the quiet to those who promote certain causes. But spookily enough, they are the kind of causes that Mr. Winters is likely to be in sympathy with, not the ones espoused by someone who upholds orthodox Catholicism.

The Archlaic said...

Pater: thank God you are (mostly) retired and have time to pay attention to these events... we in the pews (and the stalls) certainly appreciate your efforts and your acumen! The whole world seems to be closing ranks against us, but instead of support and encouragement we are mocked and demeaned by the Holy Father and many of the bishops... what a clambake!

GOR said...

Unfortunately, the “well-funded” tend to be those of liberal MSW’s ilk, rather than those of a more faith-filled and prudent disposition.

Of course there’s precedent in Scripture… After all, we can conclude that Judas was also “well-funded” - having his hand in the till, so to speak.

Liam Ronan said...

Rex Mottram is in charge of the funding, Father.

Highland Cathedral said...

Over at Fr Z's website someone has posted a link to this article about the National Catholic Reporter being given $2.3 million to cover reporting of religious sisters both globally and nationally. Seems like the NCR is well-versed in the art of being well-funded.

Hugh McLoughlin said...

I wish I could tell you "who" to ask! You could try apostasising and then, perhaps, George Soros might come calling.

Unknown said...

Father Hunwicke, re loot, like others I enjoy your blog and would like to make a donation to support those whose learning and work I benefit from.
Have you considered adding a donation button to your blog like e.g. Fr Z has?
The blogging site you use (blogger.com/blogspot.com) in its own help documentation describes adding PayPal here
and another way seems to be
which describes itself as "Donorbox is an easy-to-use donation software that allows you to accept donations by credit card, PayPal, and ACH bank transfer payment."
It would let us give you Christmas presents :)
Enrichment would be truly Mutual!
(If you're not a registered charity one page I've found suggests there are issues using the word "Donate" on the button, though Fr Z does, but one might change this to "Support this blog" etc, see
I and other readers who are tech-savvy should surely be able to offer more help here if you need any.)

Liam Ronan said...

I second Paul Delaney's motion!