29 September 2017


You are wasting your time if you submit comments which constitute mindless abuse of the Roman Pontiff. Or if you even suggest that Jorge Bergoglio might not be truly Pope. Personally, I find such things irritating. I spent my entire adult life working for, longing for, unity with the Successor of S Peter. I am not now going to host or tolerate comments which I deem offensive.

Remember that every morning I offer the Holy Sacrifice una cum famulo tuo papa nostro Francisco.

Furthermore, from now onwards I will not enable any suggestion that it might be an option for any Catholic to join another Communion. This blog is not and will not be the aider or abettor of any kind of schismatic thinking.

As Blessed John Henry Newman put it, there is but one fold of the Redeemer.

I am running late this morning ... I never expected retirement to be like this ... and today's blogpost should be up around 1.00 BST. 


Edwin said...

Well said, dear Father.The last thing we Ordinarians need is yet more infighting - we have left that behind us for good.

Christopher Boegel said...

Father H:

Thank you for being (was it what Newman called?) a true ecclesial man.

Because you are - I can truly call you Father.

Ubicumque said...

Prayerful said...

Retirement can be a full time job, certainly so for my parents. Thank you Fr for your wise musings.

Savonarola said...

I don't suppose you ever referred to Pope Ratzinger, so if you believe Pope Francis truly to be pop, could you perhaps give him his proper title and stop referring to him as Pope Bergoglio or just Bergoglio. It is so unnecessary, as well as demeaning to him.

Catechist Kev said...

Dear Fr. Hunwicke,

Thank you for this timely reminder.

I tried to post something the other day on your first entry about fear in the Church.

Upon further reflection I now see it was imprudent, unwise and ill-mannered. I humbly apologize to you. I plan on seeing my PP tomorrow afternoon for the sacrament of Penance because of it.

Again, thanks for this.

Catechist Kev

PS: (I *love* your blog)

john said...

Archbishop Lefebvre was a true Bishop, he was sure of the Faith. Had more stood with him, rather than cowering like effeminate wimps, we wouldn't be in this current state. Too many bishops back then, as now, knew he was right, but didn't want to face any hardship, or lose their extravagant lifestyles.

Stephen said...

ah, unity. and its sister, assent. For how can unity exist without free assent? and to whom.or what do we give that assent? Is my local ordinary no less a successor of St Peter if he assents exactly to that which Peter professed and Our Lord confirmed? Or, is it to him who sits in the Chair of St Peter, no matter what he says?
Truth is truth, no matter how old we are.

peregrinusto said...

Thank you Father for your very clear, decisive and magisterial declaration. True sons and daughters of the Ordinariates will always be faithful to the one holy, catholic and apostolic Church. Having struggled so long, as you note, to enter into full communion we are supportive in every way possible of the Chair of St. Peter and offer Mass daily in communion with the Holy Father.

Fr John Hunwicke said...

"Savonarola" ... I presume that is not your real name; if it is, I apologise ... I suggest that you take the time to search back over my blog and discover whether it is true that I never referred to Ratzinger as Papa or Pope Ratzinger. And, as for your hint that I do not believe Bergoglio is truly bishop of Rome, I suggest that you look back over my many pieces attacking sedevacantism. And then, if you are even half of a man, you will write and apologise. At the same time, you could explain the peculiar logic of saying that, because I refer to the current Roman Bishop as Pope Bergoglio, I am implying that he is not pope. And, by the way, I do not think that I have ever referred to either of these prelates as "the pop".

Catharine said...

Father Hunwicke,
Thank you for taking on this topic. I share your views on the many vicious attacks on the current reigning Holy Father. Whatever one might think of this action, or that alleged quote, he is still the current reigning Pope, and he deserves our support (as much as we can give it).
I for one am deeply disturbed by the various know-it-alls who loudly proclaim that he was invalidly elected, and/or that he is a self-excommunicated heretic, or that anyone who supports him is likewise, etc., ad nauseum.
It seems my guardian angel is warning me, ever so subtly, but ever so consistently and continuously, to avoid getting involved in anything which could constitute, or lead to, sins against Christian unity. Not to mention rash judgment.
Here in the USA, the intellectual dishonesty has reached the point where even the (formerly) most solid traditional Catholic blogs have been known to use the "cut & paste" technique to make up false quotes, and then attribute them to the Holy Father, in an attempt to discredit him. I have therefore decided to suspend judgment, not permit myself to get worked up over the current situation, and to pray for the Pope (and the entire magisterium) on a daily basis, as well as for the entire Church.
Heaven knows, the prayers might just do some good. The constant criticisms and armchair condemnations do not.