18 July 2017

Concelebration in the Roman Colleges (2)

I do not know whence this proposal ultimately arises, but it seems to me to bear all the hallmarks of the current regime. We have come to recognise the methodology of Bergoglian realpolitik. "Doctrine is not changed", and so a document like Amoris laetitia may even contain an explicit assertion of the indissolubilty of Marriage ... several hundred pages apart from rhe deft little footnote, or the crafty ambiguity, by which this doctrine may in practice be set aside. Episcopal Conferences may not have been formally given the right to attack the Sacrament of Marriage, but nods, winks, and private letters single out those Conferences which Have Got the Message.

This is a culture in which Cardinal Sarah has not been sacked, but he is publicly humiliated and neutered by having his colleagues and staff sacked and replaced by bergoglians ( I except from this generalisation Bishop Alan Hopes who, being a former Anglican, has sound and orthodox liturgical instincts).

So it is with the proposal that priests in the Roman Colleges should be bullied into forgoing their canonical right to celebrate individually the Holy Eucharist. Summorum Pontificum is not set aside, but it is circumvented.

Not that this document explicitly mentions Summorum Pontificum, or indeed the Extraordinary Form. It is far too cunning to do that. But this is what it is all about. Consider:  
since Concelebration is permitted in the Novus Ordo, but (except at Ordinations) forbidden in the Classical Roman Mass, 
and since the readers are repeatedly told that the young men must be intimidated into prefering Concelebration, 
what we have in this draft document is, in practical, political terms, a major initiative to prevent the use of the Extraordinary Form by "student priests".

Doubtless it is hoped that the provisions of this illiberal document will spread, particularly in places under the watchful eye of rigidly bergoglianist bishops.

To be continued.


Nicolas Bellord said...

" I except from this generalisation Bishop Alan Hopes who, being a former Anglican, has sound and orthodox liturgical instincts"

Really? What about his role in preventing the Order of Malta from using their conventual chapel at the Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth - one of the complaints being that they were too fond of the traditional mass? Well I suppose he was just obeying orders from above.

Tom said...

I had not seen that implication. We must pray that the proposal dies in some forgotten corner.

uberto said...

I highly applaud the forced concelebration edict!
It will be seen as an annoyance imposed by old, conservative clerical die-hards desperately clnging to the past, a nuisance to be endured by the young priest dying to start celebrating the E.F.as soon as they can - and even by the ones who are nto necessarily Traddies. It will be the last nails driven in the coffin of concelebration and accelerate the dissolution of the N.O....

Pater Raphael said...

My dear innocents of the dioceses and the secular clergy. This is NOT a new move by the present day power holders.
We of the regular clergy have been suffering under this dictatorship for many a decade already. If one should dare to prefer to celebrate oneself to the concelebrated "community-Mass", one finds oneself very quickly referred to one's superiors. It is irrelevant whether one celebrates a NO Mass in the venacular, in Latin, or ... - dare I say, that sin of all sins, a EF Mass!
The argument is never liturgical, which is the weakness of traditional minded priests, I am afraid to say. The superiors do not care, what is written in liturgical law, what the last 4 Popes said, wrote and declared, no, that all means nothing to them. Their argument runs always so; But the Community! You are insulting your brethren by not concelebrating!
Even being present at their "community experience" Mass, is not good enough! Even though you can point out, that the superiors never complain about brethren who neither express their brotherliness by bothering to come to the Communaly esperienced brotherly-love event, nor spiritually by celebrating themselves. NO. That is irrelevant to them. They will, mobb you, pick on you and punish you where ever possible.
And no, I am not trying to emulate Father's wonderfully sarcastic style. I have experienced the above, most days since my own ordination 7 years ago. Both in my own monastery, in a College in Rome, as well as in a monastery of our order in Rome too.
Generally speaking, I have settled on "concelebrating" with them... for the Community of course ... and then celebrating privately later. Here my own arguments may not be exactly liturgically correct, by I do not count concelebration, where I am not myself the main celebrant as fully celebrating. Personally, I count it as at best, an half a celebration. I do not like it. I do not think it is good for a community, infact, I believe it is the one most important reason for the destruction of religious life and the protestantisation of the priesthood. - But then, I sacrifice myself for the "community".
This is where I must end by stating that, traditional minded priests and laity often are at a disadvantage, because you argue from a starting point (liturgy) that the ruling elites do not care about. You see, they, just like the Social Justice Warriors in our schools and universities are, complete and utter cultural Marxists. The vast majority can not even be called Christian in a traditional sense. They do not believe in Grace, God, Spirituality or Priesthood. Their only thought is "Community" - although they could not define it if asked. All individualism must be stamped out. Thus no private or single Masses, because it emphasises individuality, which cannot be controlled (by them) and so must be stopped. It also emphasises the difference between Priests and laity - racism!!! . which also cannot be tolerated. They are living in a completely different conceptual world to us actual Catholics. One cannot discuss with them, or argue with them, because they are incapable of even understanding what one is saying. It were as if one would use an unintelligible language - Latin for example! The facists/communists now in power, and that is what they in reality are, are now just trying to push through on a Church-wide basis, that which they have been doing in the abbeys and orders of the Church since 1970.