6 January 2017

Mgr Graham Leonard

Today is the Year's Mind (as we say in the Patrimony) of the Right Reverend the Father in God the Lord Bishop Emeritus of London, Mgr Graham Leonard.

Having considered the extensive documentary evidence he provided about the participation of Dutch schismatics in Anglican episcopal consecrations since the the 1930s, Joseph Ratzinger's CDF decreed that there was a doubt about the invalidity of his presbyteral ordination, and ordered its repetition to be private and sub conditione. The monsignor was convinced that the CDF declined to consider the validity of his episcopal consecration out of an apprehension that they might have to declare it valid and find themselves stuck with a married bishop!

It our Ordinary's study on Golden Square in London, there is a fine portrait of Bishop Leonard. He is most truly the Forerunner of our Ordinariate.

Ecce sacerdos magnus qui in diebus suis placuit Domino et inventus est iustus. C A P D.

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tradgardmastare said...

I was most taken with him ( in my pre R.C days) and his writings and have his books on the shelf here. A friend borrowed his autobiography /biography many.many moons ago and I wish I had it back.He was a great man indeed.