2 December 2016

Sancta Bibiana

I felt moved by today's Breviary lectiones, perhaps all the more so because they lack those miraculous details which we find in some Acta Martyrum.

It is, I suspect, probable that most of the Martyr Virgins were barely, if at all, into their teens when they bore their Witness. Like S Maria Goretti.

What wonderfully resolute girls they must have been. What rebukes to our weak faith and cool ardour. And to the compromises we make with the Zeitgeist.


Joshua said...

I was at Adoration when I read in the Matins lessons that she was whipt to death: how gruesome and terrible her suffering, how close her emulation of her Divine Master's bloody passion. She must have a high degree of glory in heaven: may she pray for us, may her glorious merits obtain saving graces from the Lord for us poor sinners dwelling in the shadow of death.

John said...

Her relics are in Cardinal Mahony's new cathedral in Los Angeles. Not, alas, under the high altar as they were in the old cathedral named after her. If you take the stairs down into the basement and visit the far chapel on your right you'll find her marble sarcophagus along with a prieu dieu and a prayer card, a little worse for wear -- which now that I think about it, is a good thing. There's a picture of it here: http://thesixbells.blogspot.com/2006/12/st-vibiana-virgin-martyr-yesterday-was.html The sarcophagus, not the prayer card. If you click on the picture you can make it bigger. Probably too big.