18 September 2016

Elephants never forget

Is it really true that Archbishop Bugnini's baptismal name was Hannibal? Is it really permitted to baptise with a name that perpetuates the memory of the old Semitic fertility god Ba'al? Wouldn't such a name imply that its holder was destined to be a promoter of idolatry? Or that he was philoprogenitive?

Is the name Annibale common among Italian Freemasons?


Prayerful said...

I wonder if like the Carthaginian, his father made him swear an oath to never be a friend of Rome, or at least its Rite.

Banshee said...

I think you need to look at St. Annibale Maria di Francia, founder of a chain of orphanages and several religious orders. June 1 is his day.

Anonymous said...

Annibale, an Italian given name equivalent to Hannibal, may refer to:

Annibale Albani (1682–1751), Italian cardinal
Annibale I Bentivoglio, (died 1445), ruler of Bologna from 1443
Annibale II Bentivoglio (died 1540), lord of Bologna in 1511–1512
Annibale Bergonzoli (1884–1973), Italian lieutenant general
Annibale Bugnini (c.1912–1982), Roman Catholic prelate
Annibale Caccavello (1515–1595), Italian sculptor
Annibale Caro (1507–1566), Italian poet
Annibale Carracci (1560–1609), Italian painter
Annibale Ciarniello (1900–2007), one of the last surviving Italian veterans of the First World War
Annibale de Gasparis (1819–1892), Italian astronomer
Annibale della Genga (1760–1829), Pope Leo XII from 1823 to 1829
Annibale di Ceccano (c.1282–1350), Italian cardinal
Annibale Fontana (1540–1587), Italian sculptor, medalist and crystal-worker
Annibale Frossi (1911–1999), footballer
Annibale Maggi (or Annibale Bassano), fifteenth-century Italian architect
Annibale Maria di Francia (1851–1927), founder of the Congregation of the Rogationists and of the Daughters of Divine Zeal
Annibale Padovano (1527–1575), Italian composer and organist
Annibale Riccò (1844–1919), Italian astronomer
Annibale Santorre di Rossi de Pomarolo, Count of Santarosa (1783–1825), Italian insurgent and leader in the revival (Risorgimento) of Italy
Annibale Stabile (c.1535–1595), Italian composer of the Renaissance
Annibale Zoilo (c.1537–1592), Italian composer and singer of the late Renaissance Roman School


Adrian said...

And let us not forget our favourite shop in the Via Santa Chiara - Annibale Gammarelli.

Fr. Michael LaRue said...

I have taken to calling liturgical destruction Hannibalization.