6 September 2016

"British Values"

Our courts have just convicted by due and proper process a "Hate Preacher" who has "radicalised" a lot of people for quite a long time. You won't catch me complaing. But, in the aftermath, the cry is arising for changes in our laws to make it easier to put away those who do not accept British Values.

Oh dear. I am not blind to the dangers posed by Islam. But I am uncertain how good an idea it is to oppose one enemy by warmly embracing another. As Churchill did when the Bolshevik Monster was transmuted overnight into Kindly Uncle Joe.

I suppose, if one goes back far enough, it would be possible to find a definition of British Values to which I could indeed with a very good conscience subscribe. But if "British Values" compulsorily means the novel "values" which are peremptorily prescribed for us by our political and cultural elites ... now ... today ... then I can only say that I repudiate those "British Values" with some fair degree of warmth.

The "British Value" I loathe most is the mass slaughter of human beings who have been sentenced to death by no court of law. "A woman's right to choose" is, to me, the most demonic slogan since Ein Volk ein Reich ein Fuehrer. The Devil, of course, is never so stupid as to dress in the same clothes as last time. You won't catch the modern British killers wearing jackboots, and I doubt if they could sing the Horst Wessel song to save their clinical lives. But, like the genocidal Hitler, David Steele began his holocaust relatively modestly. He never explained, a few decades ago, that his parliamentary bill would enable abortion on demand; and would mean that midwives refusing to be complicit in organising the Death Clinics would be sacked; and that a "Supreme Court" would find their sacking lawful. Neither he nor his supporters mentioned that, if physicians eased their murderous workload by presigning abortion forms, or if gender-specific abortions were carried out, the Crown Prosecution service would decide that, although these practices are illegal, "it is not in the public interest to initiate prosecutions".

The second filthiest "British Value" is the outlawing of Christian Marriage. We are now told that a marriage can be 'dissolved' even unconsensually; that "Marriage" is still "Marriage" if the relationship involved is sodomitic or tribadic. Linked with this is the other disgusting "British Value" requiring us to accept the anthropological nonsensense that Gender, if it exists, is mutable at the will of each individual. Thus "Homophobia" as a term of abuse has now been joined by its nasty friend and dirty playmate "Transphobia". The law has already intruded itself so far as to persecute Christians by making it possible to prosecute in the courts simple ordinary folk who are deemed to be providing a service (such as baking and icing a cake) if they are found to "discriminate" in providing such services. And we were informed a few days ago that some Police Forces plan to set up units dedicated to searching out and prosecuting "Hate Crime" on the Internet. Does anybody seriously doubt that this provision will, manpower permitting, eventually spread itself so as to enable Mr Plod, with helicopter cover, to bang on our doors at six o'clock in the morning (having tipped off the BBC cameramen) and to drag us off to his custody cells, if we have written in what he deems to be a "Homophobic" or "Transphobic" way on our websites or blogs, or so spoken in our sermons?

OK, they'll go for the Moslems first, but ... they won't want to be seen to be unfair or "discriminatory".

And this could be only the beginning.

If one accidentally touches "British Values", one should give ones hands a very thorough wash afterwards.

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vetusta ecclesia said...

The value I reject is "tolerance", often expressed as being "non-judgemental". We naturally make judgements all the time and "having good judgement" was once deemed a virtue.