8 April 2016

How to succeed

Well ... I think ... as we approach the wire ... no Frankileaks on this pontifical document!

I won't need to persuade readers of my deep admiration for Pope Benedict XVI. But he never grasped one point which Pope Francis has got straight.

When it comes to the Press and to leakers of confidential documents, there's only one thing that the b*****s respect.

A very unmistakable big stick.

And if the sultry Ms Chaouqi has to suffer to prove the point, so be it!

Has a new adage been coined: Misericordes sicut Papa?


Matthew Roth said...

It made its way out privately this morning as Fr. Blake said.

Matthew Celestine said...

Suffer? I understand Ms Chaouqi is positively relishing the fame and fortune that being jailed by the Vatican will inevitably bring her should it come to that.

Highland Cathedral said...

Fr Zuhlsdorf seemed to have seen a copy the day before its release. On April 7 he wrote:
I will not violate the embargo by quoting specific texts, but I can say that the document is not a theological disaster, as some have predicted. We have dodged a bullet, at least dodged a round to center mass.

Taken as a whole, The Big Letter™ doesn’t have to be a pastoral disaster either.

However, some will not want to take the whole of The Big Letter™ into consideration. They will focus only on the last parts. Just watch.

Anonymous said...
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Remnant Clergy said...

We don't need a leak as the documents of the Synod and the presenters of Amoris Laetitia have already publicly expressed their views.

Did you catch that redefinition of "discerning the body of the Lord" to pressure those "divisive" priests who would dare refuse Holy Communion to public sinners, such as adulterers (Oh, don't SAY that word)?

Anonymous said...

Regarding Benedict ~ I can hardly believe he got anything wrong. I did not find it so and I would not much wish to live in a world where he is not.