18 December 2015


Since Canon 1251 makes clear that there is no Abstinence on Solemnities, today has been the last day you have an obligation of Abstinence until Friday 8 January.


Highland Cathedral said...

Owing to the crushing victory of Robert the Bruce over the English Army at Bannockburn Scotland is outwith the domain of the Bishops of England and Wales and currently there are no obligatory days of abstinence in Scotland apart from Good Friday. However, it may come about at some time in the future that the Bishops in Scotland come to see the wisdom of their colleagues south of the border and do as they have done. Until then we shall just have to abstain on a voluntary basis. But it's good to know that we are not required, even on that basis, to abstain from meat on Christmas Day 2015.

Ben of the Bayou said...

More to the point, the Fridays of the year are days of penance, even in Bonny Scotland, but this penance is relaxed on Days of the First Class that are of obligation (or Solemnities all, for those following the spiritual discipline of the NO).

Anonymous said...

That’s great news. Not so good for turkeys, though.

And I needn’t wonder whether my 9am Bacardi is unpenitential. It’s by long tradition the first gift I open, and its effects tranquillize me during the remainder of the present-opening process: “Oh, a sweater! And I haven’t got one in that colour!”