28 December 2021

A penitential day?

Those of you who, very sensibly, keep at least one eye on the illuminating St Lawrence Press ORDO will know that, before the liturgical tinkerings initiated by Pius XII, today, Holy Innocents' Day, the Mass was penitential: Violet colour; no Gloria; no Alleluia; Benedicamus Domino.

How very, totally, immensely, completely, indisputably, brilliantly suitable for a Day which has justly come to be an occasion of penance for our present politically-correct and on-going daily Holocaust: that of the pre-born. 

I wonder how many have already been finished off this morning in Oxford, in the great white hillside 'Teaching Hospital' with its high chimney looming over the city ... so very Dachau. I bet the distinguished physician after whom it is named ... John Radcliffe, temp Queen Anne ... didn't wear a gown ever freshly red with the blood of babies.

There has been quite a lot of publicity recently about the Mother and Baby homes in which unmarried women who became pregnant, were once, four or more decades ago, taken to give birth ... and then to have their babies taken from them for adoption. I have no heart to mount some great defence of that or, indeed, of everything else that was done during the first half of my own life-span. Sunt lacrumae rerum.  

But I do think it as well to remember that, today, a very large percentage of those stolen babies would have had their lives extinguished before birth. 

"Better Dead than Stolen" seems to be the maxim..

I've heard a fair bit of sentimentality on our media about the way the babies were taken from their mothers, particularly when they had both already 'bonded'. Sentimentality, of course, can so easily be the mother of hate. So we are corralled into hating the nuns, or whoever, who took the babies away ... babies who were at least still alive.

"Better to kill it before she sees it." Our cultural masters get very hostile towards any suggestion that women considering an abortion might to be shown a picture of the baby in their womb. And when pro-life campaigners show photographs of aborted foetuses.

Our age is characterised by so much profound and noisy moralising. So many people have an insatiable need for Moral High Ground from which they can sneer down on anybody who doesn't keep up to date with their slogans. Ecology ... Trans Rights ...  

And that noise is accompanied by the 'no-platforming' of anyone who is hesitant to chant whatever is the prescribed slick and up-to-the-minute perpetually updated Horst Wessel Song.


Albertus said...

Father Hunwicke, I can only second the above expession of thanks to you for "keeping us informed, educated, and entertained". And I wish you a happy Christmastide, as well as a blessed and fulfilling year 2022!

Zephyrinus said...

Dear Reverend Fr. Hunwicke.

Thank You, again, for speaking out against The Greatest Evil The World Has Ever Known.

It is beyond belief and understanding that there are so many, politically-correct, persons who believe that this killing of babies is “a jolly good idea”.

Thank You, Fr. May God continue to give you the strength to speak out about the diabolical attacks on the World, which continue in strength every day.

May The Blessed Virgin Mary, our Mother, receive the Souls of all these Little Ones. May she love and care for them.

in Domino

armyarty said...

The Catholic parish Church of the Holy Innocents in New York City originally purchased a former Episcopalian church called- the Church of the Holy Innocents. This was later replaced by a larger church designed by Patrick Keeley.

Surprising for 1866.

Michael Leahy said...

Concerning pdm's comment on the theology of whether murdered babies enjoy, or not, the Beatific Vision, I have a hunch that the Church in her wisdom has not definitively pronounced on the matter because to do so would only encourage the abortionists who could more convincingly market themselves to the gullible as 'angel-makers'. To maintain the possibility that the little ones might not achieve the Beatific Vision emphasises even more the gravity of the crime.

Michael Leahy said...

Pdm, what you say sounds right. The Church, as far as my limited knowledge goes, has not definitively pronounced upon the fate of even the most wicked.