3 August 2015


I have just got back (from doing the LMS Latin Summer School at Pantasaph ... splendid to see old friends, including, for the last couple of days, the Brethren from Silverstream) and read gillions of emails and enabled nearly all the comments offered.

I would remind readers that I particularly dislike comments which are just a line or two and include typoes. If you're too busy to check through what you have written, don't bother to comment.

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John Vasc said...

"and include typoes."
Father, I scarcely dare to suggest it to one so expert in usage as yourself: but the online OED gives the plural as 'typos' - so does Chambers, and Merriam-Webster. I've never seen it spelt with an 'e' except here.

I was savouring the irony of this (in view of the subject of your comment) when I suddenly paused to reflect that you might have been employing a deliberate ironic solecism with conscious humour, to lure in and delightedly pounce on such unwarily pedantic comments as, ahem, this one. :-)