27 June 2015

The Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour

Very best wishes to the Papa Stronsay brethren, and their NZ brethren, on this wonderful solemnity. I said Mass this morning, from the Appendix pro aliquibus locis, for their Good Estate and for their Intentions. I have the most happy memories of this day, in 2012, when some of them made the journey down to Oxford, and accompanied me into London the following day for my First Mass in Full Communion with the See of S Peter, at that lovely Lady Altar in the Brompton Oratory, together with the admirable Fr Ray. And of my stay at the Monastery last year.

Right thinking people who don't already subscribe to Catholic, the Papa Stronsay newspaper, would be well advised to do so. Loads of news from all over the world; and loads and loads of absolutely magnificent pictures. In the most recent number, pictures of the S Agatha's Day celebrations in Catania; I think I'll send that page to our Ordinariate Shrine of S Agatha in Southport, where I had the privilege of preaching at their Patronal Festival a couple of years ago. Loads of decent religion down there! I enthusiastically commend their Sunday Mass to those within range who hunger for true Catholic Liturgy. Especially if you can't get to Catania ...

And pictures of His Excellency the Bishop of Copenhagen, Czeslaw Kozon, ordaining subdeacons in Gestratz. A truly pastoral bishop, who invited me to celebrate the Extraordinary Form in his Chapel (he served it himself) and breakfasted me afterwards. Kind, interested, humble, and gracious. He was glad to hear all about the Ordinariate. Indeed, all right thinking Catholics are!

Catholic is only £5 (UK);
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Zephyrinus said...

What a wonderful Post, dear Fr, and many congratulations on your Anniversary.

It is, indeed, a boon for Catholics everywhere to read your erudite contributions to the Blogosphere, and which counter some of the errors currently prevailing throughout the World.

May I endorse your support for the excellent Papa Stronsay newspaper, entitled "Catholic". I received my copy, today, and heartily commend it to all your Readers. See, above, to Subscribe to it for only £5.

Patti Day said...

Dear Father, A Blessed and Happy Anniversary. I ordered the 2015 Papa Stronsay calendar and if the newspaper is available for U.S. readers, I shall subscribe.