19 April 2015

Sweet little lambs and family memories

We walked up to the Trout, passing on the way fields with new lambs. Ah ... memories ... when our family was young, and all the other kiddies were Ahhing and Ooing at the sight of the lambs, our five, who had not been brought up to be sentimental, were climbing up the field gates and yelling "Mint Sauce! Mint Sauce!" at the lambs.

How tempus does fugit. Trinity Term is about to start with what is nowadays called Noughth Week, and Senior Granddaughter is coming up again today. At the end of last term, she got 88% in her Koine Greek paper; I gather that anything above 70% is currently reckoned first class.

It's all in the genes, y'know. In this case, her Grandmother's.


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Congratulations to the Senior Granddaughter on an excellent result!

GOR said...

Yes, kudos to Senior Granddaughter! I loved your final comment, Father. While one might be led to expect the provenance of her expertise to have been from the Magister, you reveal that it was really from the Magistra.

Classic! Agatha Christie could relate…