2 February 2015


Does anybody have chapter and verse for the claim that Pio Nono declined to add S Joseph to the Canon on the grounds that "I am only the pope"?


Titus said...

Hmm, I feel that I may have come across this when writing my undergraduate thesis on Pius IX's political reforms (which, if anyone is interested, is a very hard thing to research without knowledge of Italian). I will have to dig the paper out when I get home (later) this evening.

Liam Ronan said...

I'll have a look, Father. I presuppose this is in relation to Pope Pius V, Quo Primum (binding the Church 'in perpetuity'), and whether Pius IX, convinced he was bound by the aforesaid, declined to add St. Joseph to the Canon.

Then again I may have guessed wrong about your interest. Even so, I'll poke about for it.

Liam Ronan said...

I have e-mailed an inquiry to several seminaries attached to various Josephite religious orders. I will advise if I hit pay dirt.

plato said...

Let us know if you find out, please, Father.

plato said...

Let us know too, if you find the answer, please, Father.

Liam Ronan said...

Dear Father,

I have had no answer as yet from the Josephite order I had written to earlier but since have written to the priests of an FSSP parish in the States at which my parents (ages 88 and 89) attend.

If I have any word I will let you know straight-away.

Notwithstanding, perhaps one or more of your readers is acquainted with SSPX clergy who might give an assist.

Yours in Christ.