17 December 2014

Midwives, Conscience, and Abortion in the British Supreme Court

" ' Participate' in my view means taking part in a 'hands on' capacity".
Thus the Court dismissed the appeal of two Catholic midwives who are not prepared, even in a solely administrative capacity, to organise and supervise abortions.

What a shame these judges were not around in time to defend that poor Adolf Eichmann when the Israelis so unfairly tried and hanged him for organising the transportation of Jews to the Death Camps. And they would have been really in their element during the Nuremburg trials, defending the bureaucrats who masterminded the war crimes.

But stay: it is not too late. If the International Criminal Court ever finds itself trying former tyrants who gave orders for genocide, these judicial jokers will be invaluable to the defence teams.

Memo to all those contemplating crimes against humanity: OK, dears, as long as you aren't HANDS ON.


Zephyrinus said...

This ruling puts one in mind of the fairly recent decision, by the Crown Prosecution Service, NOT to prosecute a Doctor who had been caught red-handed (allegedly) agreeing to proceed with abortions, WITHOUT getting the legally-required SECOND OPINION by another Doctor.

Allegedly, the Crown Prosecution Service said: "IT IS NOT IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST TO PROCEED".

If any of the above information is incorrect, I would be extremely happy to correct any inaccuracy.

Neil Addison said...

Dear Father Hunwicke

I have given my legal analysis at


Neil Addison

Anonymous said...

The ruling is patently absurd and conflicts with fundamental natural law principles to which all positive law should adhere if is to have objective validity. Midwifery is the work of aiding a mother through pregnancy and labour with the goal of a successful delivery of the baby. Killing the baby is in opposition to midwifery's purpose.

Nicolas Bellord said...

Zephyrinus: There is also the case of the gender related abortion of girls which the CPS said was not in the public interest. BPAS, for whom Lady Hale, seems to have such respect, would not like to see that practice stopped. However there is a private prosecution coming up due to be heard in January. The CPS want to take it over presumably in order to put it in the trash can.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

As a former midwife, I feel very strongly that this is a dreadful ruling.

Unfortunately, long gone are the days when the Royal College of Midwives proudly displayed the motto: VITA DONUM DEI.

Pulex said...

Somehow reminds me of Exodus 1:15-21

Blagalogadop said...

Ironic, it seems to me, that a HANDS ON capacity is the only kind of involvement, in this case, which may not involve complicity.

“Can. 871 If aborted fetuses are alive, they are to be baptized insofar as possible.”