18 September 2014

Thanks ...

 ... to all those who offered comments during the last fortnight, while I have been away on a family holiday. I have read them all; many I have enabled, but some rejected.

I remind all who try to comment that my Blog has a firm policy of rejecting comments which are disrespectful towards our beloved Holy Father, or towards the English Catholic Hierarchy, either collectively or individually. Nor do I accept comments which I fear may upset individuals or cause any divisiveness in the Church. So you could save yourselves some time by not submitting such comments!

I had better make clear that I do not do Facebook, largely because I do not know how to do so. So it is not possible to contact me by that means. If you wish to contact me ... as one highly valued reader has tried to ... the simplest way is to submit a comment to the blog marked PRIVATE and including your email address. I will then delete the comment but be able to get back to you.

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