27 July 2014


How endearingly Traditionalist that ISIS should impose the old Ottoman tax on Christians in Mosul!

I think this could turn out to be very helpful to community relations in this country. As everybody knows, our own Islamic community is opposed to extremism and intolerance; indeed; those who know much more than I do about Islam inform us that the actions of ISIS are anti-Islamic.

So: all that the Islamic communities in our country need to do is to have collections and to use their financial resources to supply to the Christians of Mosul the money which the latter are having to pay to ISIS in order to avoid being martyred.

This will deal a powerful blow to Islamophobic bigots in this country, and convince ordinary people that our Moslem fellow-countrymen share fully our sense of decency and fair-play.


OreamnosAmericanus said...

Well played, Father.

Jacobi said...

Yes, It would be nice if our Muslims did show a little concern for the Christians of Mosul.

It would more than a great many Catholics are doing!

Jacobi said...

Yes, it would be nice if our Muslims did show a little concern for the Christians of Mosul.

It would be a bit more than many of our Catholics are doing!

Unknown said...

The Jizya tax is a fundamental part of Islam; the Koran is a book with disjointed narrative and distorted understanding of Jesus Christ, His Mother, and the Prophets of the Lord.

The rest, meaning the commentaries of Muhammad share insights into how Muslims should treat a conquered people.

It is not a religion of peace; when driven into a corner about something as fundamental as the identity of Jesus Christ and whether or not He is Divine or a mere mortal, Islam will strike you at your neck and claim your land as theirs. For that is their religion, though many Muslims fail in that regard.