16 January 2014


I know nothing about IT and all that. Can anyone help?

The problem is the "sitemeter" attached to this blog. As far as 'Last Month' is concerned, it forgets daily statistics more than seven days old. As far as 'Last Year' is concerned, it forgets everything more than a month old. The 'Total Visit' statistic is stuck on 923,226, and has been for a long time.

The sitemeter has a facility for asking for help. I have asked three times; I get sent a codenumber - I've now got three; but nobody ever gets back to me; the problems never go away.


Eugenie Roth said...

I definitively began to write my blog in 2010, but according to the statistics I had 2000 readers in juli 2007. Forget about statistics.

Edwin said...

Father, remember what happened to David when he started counting. Now you don't want a plague, do you? Give up on the counting - however many or few we are - we all love you.

Doodler said...

Perhaps no-one reads your blog any more?

johnf said...

Dear Fr Hunwicke
I've just googled "site meter not working" and from the references which have been pulled up, it would seem that many subscribers are finding the service erratic and reporting similar unhelpful responses from the sitemeter people.

Maybe the answer is to change to another service. I've just found 'StatCounter' but I have no experience of it.

But you could email the StatCounter people to see if you could start their counter where sitemeter left off. This morning your sitemeter was reading 1038940. StatCounter (or any similar facility) needs to have the ability start counting from a number you set(rather than counting from zero again)

Christopher said...

SiteMeter has been hit and miss for me in the past -

If you can accept resetting - perhaps enabling google analytics might help

Since you are using blogger thy these instructions:

Hope it helps