16 March 2011


I am grateful for all the comments - unfavourable as well as favourable - appended to my series on Councils. Although it was my intention to follow closely the trajectory of thought on this subject in the writings of Joseph Ratzinger - which I have been avidly reading for at least two decades - I am of course neither a theologian nor a historian; when I intrude into these fields I welcome corrections from those more competent than I am. I reiterate that I subscribe to everything defined by Councils and Roman Pontiffs, and submit with religiosum obsequium to their juridical enactments and regard with appropriate deference even their comments obiter.

Pastor in Valle added a very interesting piece on this subject to his own blog. Since he is a Church Historian, his piece is probably distinctly more worth reading than mine. And, who knows, by the time I have finished my 'Formation' at Allen Hall, perhaps I will know better!


Juventutem London said...

Doubtful Mr Hunwicke! Good luck and best wishes from Juventutem! Hope to attend your Masses in the near future..

Sadie Vacantist said...

Allen Hall? Couldn't they've arranged a correspondence course ...?

Woody said...

Dear Father,

In your case I rather suspect the "formation" will be more of an "exchange of gifts". Looking forward to cathing up with you in Terxas at the AU confderence this Summer.

With best wishes and prayers.

Woody said...

Ah, "Texas" you know. I am not aware of any rendition of "Tejas" or "Texas" or "Texian" or "Texan" that includes an "r"; only my clumsy fingers.

Joshua said...

Don't you mean Re-formation, Fr H.?