31 December 2010

Public School head masters ...

... how they do run for cover, like a lot of wee timorous conies.

The head of Clifton College, anxious to distance his establishment from a member of his CR who retired in 2001 and is now suspected of an offence, said that very few of the (present) teaching staff would ever have met him.

Really? Has there been a near-complete turnover at Clifton in only ten years?

It must be a pretty dodgy school if nobody wants to stay there teaching, or if masters have to be sacked for incompetence with such frequency that there is almost nobody there now who taught there before 2001.

How very droll, head master.

Pull the other one, head master.


vetusta ecclesia said...

I am glad to say that the Head Master of the Public School from whose service I retired in 2004 after 37 years regards all have have ever attended or worked at the School as integral parts of the community.

davidforster said...

I forget of which Head Master of Eton it was said that, "If a Head Master can't teach, can't preach, and can't administer, then he should at least be a gentleman; but this fellow can't even manage that." [I understand that the HM of Clifton was once a male model].

There's nothing like a scandal in a public school Common Room to bring the worst out of former colleagues. Many take delight in expounding how they always knew that something wasn't right; how this had been bound to happen; and so on. All without regard for guilt or innocence. In my experience, the Evangelicals are the worst offenders in casting the first stones.

I've taken a few moments today to think about what papers would write if I were so provoked as to kill my own tenants ... probably not a laughing matter, so I'll stop there.

Little Black Sambo said...

"He was always a bit of a loner."