3 September 2010

Liturgical Problems

Tomorrow, Deo volente, I shall be at the Deaconing of James Bradley. Yes; the James Bradley; James 'The-Ubiquitous-Camera' Bradley.
How on earth will he make a full photographic record of his own Ordination? But he will.

Today, of course, that knotty annual problem: which of the Patrons to celebrate of those two admirable and not-totally-dissimilar organisations: The Ebbsfleet Apostolic District (Patron, S Gregorius Magnus); and the SSPX.


Joshua said...

Apropos of nothing, but Fr H. may like to consult - if its not already in his library - the following curiosity available via Google Books: the Little Office of Our Lady, as also the Office of the Dead and sundry Collects and prayers done into Greek:

Officium Beatæ Mariæ Virginis Latinogræcum (Georg Mayr, S.J., trans.)

Having no Greek to speak of, I cannot comment on whether the Greek version of the Latin is great or merely odd; but I did think of you, Fr H., when I came across it the other day.

AndrewWS said...

St Pius X was honoured the Saturday before last at Worth Abbey (I was there.). No such dilemmas with the modern Roman calendar.