26 May 2010

Christus Sacerdos Aeternus

If those who use Anglican forms of the Office desire to celebrate Christ the Priest on the Thursday after Pentecost, they might care to consider the following propers;
[1EP Pss 23, 42, 43; Levit 16:1-14; Heb 4:14-5:10.]
MP Pss 110, 111, Gen 14:14-20; Heb 6:19-7:end.
2EP Ps 116; Exod 24:1-11; Heb 9:6-end.

Has anybody heard any more about this idea since the Cardinal Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship said he was going to supplicate the Holy Father for this feast, as a permanent mnemosune of the Year of the Priest?


Figulus said...

This office is available online. I shall place the link below, and hope that it works:


Joshua said...

What if you're using the Breviary, and are still in Whitsuntide?

Joshua said...

And, Fr H., what Collect do you suggest?

Steve Cavanaugh said...

The collect at the site referenced by Figulus (with my translation) is:

Deus, qui ad glóriam tuam et géneris humáni salútem, Christum voluísti summum æternúmque constitúere sacerdótem: præsta, ut pópulus, quem sánguine suo tibi acquisívit, ex eius memoriále participatióne, virtútem crucis ipsíus cápiat et resurrectiónis. Per Dóminum.

O God, who for Thy Glory and the Salvation of the Human Race, willed to establish Christ as the eternal high priest; Grant that Thy people, whom Thou didst purchase with his very blood, through its participation in his Memorial, should grasp the power of his cross and resurrection. Through the same, our Lord, Jesus Christ...