18 December 2009


O virgo virginum the Antiphon at the Mag in the office of the Expectation. So I have used the antiphon which Sarum and other medieval dialects added to the series of Roman "O" antiphons. (O Adonai , of course, I said in the commemoration of the feria.)


Nebuly said...

You have then, together with we Anglican nostalgics, all the ingredients of the reverse acrostic
(to which my attention was drawn by the excellent

vero cras

but alas not quite on the most appropriate of days.

We who have gone on ahead salute you!

Nebuly said...

or better - you WILL have

Anonymous said...

Father, this is a completely misplaced question, but if I don't ask I'll forget. It has to do with your series on concelebration.

I recall you commented that the Orate fratres implied (in the words of Pope Benedict XIV?) the concelebratory prayers of the bishop with the assembled clergy. Why is it then that the Sarum says Orate fratres et sorores?

Joshua said...

It was prophetic. :-)