16 December 2009

John of Salisbury

An interesting post today ... oops, I must get out of the habit of thinking of the VIS as the Holy Father's personal blogspot ... about S Thomas a Becket's buddy, John of Salisbury.

The more I think about it, the more convinved I am that S Thomas's in Oxford is the obvious focus for the papal visit to England. We are well set up for whether he wants to celebrate the Extraordinary Form in Latin or our Cranmer-language rather conservative Novus Ordo. BTW, I wish they'd hurry up and publish the schedules. I want to book my holidays.


  1. I thought Our Lady of the Rosary at Blackfen was the Pope's destination...

  2. Have you sent a Latin epistle yet? Add some Greek, too; the Holy Father seems to have an admirable grasp of both.

    BTW, when I was in St Peter's back in September, when the Pope was ordaining some bishops, I was most delighted when he pronounced the first syllable of "mysticae" with a distinct French "y".

  3. Joshua: that touches a raw nerve. In 1998, when Lancing Coll was approaching its 150th, I wrote to the Ec Patriarch in Byzantine ecclesiastical Greek and to JP2 in curial Latin, for blessings. From the former, 5 pages in ditto Greek; from the latter, zilch. I concluded that nobody in the offices in Rome can read Latin.