2 December 2009

Bishop Margot

Apparently the German Lutherans, or some such body, and the Russian Orthodox, were going to have a big Do to celebrate the 50th (or 500th? I neither know nor care) anniversary of their Dialogue, or something. Then the Germans elected a female presiding "bishop", or whatever. Then Archbishop Hilarion said that protocol prevented him from attending. Then the Prods got all huffy and called the whole thing off, or something.

They just don't get it, do they? German Lutherans or English liberals; however much the representatives of the ancient Churches spell things it out to them, they cheerfully go their own (ever so highly principled) way and expect to get away with it. Doubtless the Germans are even now busily blaming the Moscow Patriarchate for welching on ecumenical dialogue and poaching and poor communications and discourtesy and heaven knows what. "Does Moscow any longer take Ecumenism seriously?", I can just hear them whingeing. "This raises serious concerns about whether there is any point in Dialogue". I can just imagine it. Pathetic lot, all of them.

Vivat Cyrillus, sez I. Eis polla ete, Despota.


  1. He is an interesting chap, this Bishop Hilarion. According to Robert Moynihan newsletters he is the Patriarch's Foreign secretary.

  2. I rather wish that all these "mainstream" illiberal liberal denominations start treating Catholics and the Orthodox rather as we treat Christadelphians and JW's - that is, as groups not to be treated with, as dangerous crazies. It would be a comforting return to older verities.