28 November 2009

The first Anglican Pope again

It is nice to know that, as he gears up to his visit to England, the Holy Father has got a new cross to carry. Instead of a corpus cruci fixum in the middle, it has a representation of the Lamb of God.

Has someone explained to him that this prcisely reflects the preferred usage of middle-of-the-road Anglicans of the I'm-not-too-extreme-party?

The Lamb of God, in the Book of Revelation, is the Lamb slain in sacrifice from before the beginning of the world; the Redeemer who ever lives to make intercession for us at the Heavenly Altar.

At this rate, by the time he gets to London Benedict will be wearing a surplice and stole to celebrate the Holy Communion Service.


  1. As long as he doesn't say:

    "Wet us ppp-pway."

  2. Oh Father Hunwicke...you are a gem, maybe in the rough, but a gem none-the-less. I had such a good chuckle about “wearing a surplice and stole to celebrate the Holy Communion Service.”

    Ad multos annos, Pater!

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  4. If the Archbishop of Canterbury were to confer a 'Lambeth' degree upon Pope Benedict then His Holiness might celebrate in surplice, scarf and hood like Newman

  5. I know that Cormac accepted a Lambeth degree, but would Benedict accept a degree conferred under powers usurped from the Papacy?

  6. Well, the only Eucharist I have ever attended which was celebrated by a PEV was BCP, convocation robes and north end (yes, really!), so one can but hope!

  7. "BCP, convocation robes and north end"

    Ironic that all three of these were once seen as popish and sacerdotalist (and the Thirty-nine Articles as in dire need of Calvinist stiffening).