11 June 2009

Dudley Symon (1959) again

"The 'English Missal', which allows the v Prayer Book to appear in small type, but otherwise is completely the 'Roman' missal, has become the standard Altar Book and increasingly popular among the laity ... the Mass restored to us would not only be the deepening of our knowledge and appreciation of the Divine Mysteries, but a proclamation of our unity with the true source of our being, the rock whence we were hewed. It would safeguard officially and in the surest way - for worship is the truest expression of belief - those essential Catholic tenets which the Archbishop of Canterbury assures us are still our heritage in spite of the controversies and upheavals of the Reformation".

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Unknown said...

Father, would this be from his book 'Roman and Uncondemned' by Faith Press, 1959?