9 May 2009


This morning, since today is festival day at the Marian shrine at Nettuno, twinned with the Shrine of our Lady of Grace at Ipswich, I dipped into the Missae pro aliquibus locis and said the Mass of our Lady Matris Gratiae. Does anybody know if this was in fact the Mass used at Nettuno in the days of the Old Rite?

We approach the Vigil of Pentecost. Does anybody have knowledge or experience of the Pentecost Vigil as laid out in the old Missal being done in recent years; or of it being done without choir and with minimal assistance?

Those of you who monitor the preposterous: can you tell us if the Barmy Bishop of Bux is still functioning? Is he still blogging, still gracing the world with his deft analyses, still dipping an agile foot into everything squelchy? Or, as I fear, has the Bishop of Oxford (whom I suspect of being a bit of a Fellay) shut him up? I do hope not. In this sad, gray, sombre decade, starved of the eccentric, what we need is more episcopal nutters, not fewer.


Canon Jerome Lloyd OSJV said...

Dear Father

The 1955 Rite for the Vigil of Pentecost is similar to that on Holy Saturday.

Six of the prophecies of Holy Saturday are re-read but in the following order:
I) Tentavit Deus Abraham
II) Factum Est (T. Cantemus Domino)
III) Scripsit Moyses (T. Attende Caelum)
IV) Apprehendent (T. Vinea facta est)
v) Audi Israel
VI) Facta est

Then Violet Cope and procession to the Baptistry while the Tract. Sicut Servus is sung (or said). "Dominus vobsicum" and then collect Concede quaesumus, omnipotens Deus...etc and the blessing of the Font as on Holy Saturday followed by the Litany of the Saints, Kyrie and Gloria (with bells ringing) etc as on Holy Saturday night.

If no blessing of the font is to take place, Prophecies then Litany, Kyrie, Gloria etc.

Introitus: Cum sanctificatus fuero vobis etc if the Prophecies etc are ommitted.

Re the 1962... perhaps NLM will have a wonderful posting such as they did for the 55/62 comparisons for Holy Week?!

I'm afraid I use the '55 for these great occasions and they are possible to do almost singlehanded IF one prepares properly!

AP said...


Canon Jerome Lloyd OSJV said...

Thank you Carlos!

Paul Goings said...


We usually do the Pentecost Vigil as a High Mass at S. Clement's. However, one year we were obliged to do it after the manner of the Memoriale Rituum, with the celebrant and four servers. A synopsis of the ceremonies was prepared for the occasion, which I could email to you if you like.

William said...

I wish you High Anglos would simply embrace Holy Roman Catholicism and have done with. We'd love to have you--nutters and all.

Rubricarius said...

I have only ever seen two Pentecost Vigils, one low and the other sung.

The sung Pentecost Vigil was put on by the Latin Mass Society c.1997 at Corpus Christi, Maiden Lane. It was very moving.

johnf said...


It was interesting to read Mary Kenny in the Telegraph this morning relating that Edward VII liked Marian shrines. He was a devotee of Lourdes and visited the shrine a number of times, the last occasion being about a fortnight before he died.