14 April 2009


Those using the misprint-ridden 1986 Latin edition of the Liturgia horarum might like to know that today's (missing) Magnificat antiphon is, in earlier editions:
Dum flerem ad monumentum, vidi Dominum meum, alleluia.

A gremlin got into some of the Roman Psalter Week information.
This is what it should have given:
Page 38: week 1
40: 2
41: 3
56: 3
57: 4
65: 3
66: 4
67: 1
And: Page 43: ignore what it says about the Sacred Heart, which you observed last week.
Page 64 Note 4: November 17 is not a Saturday.
Even Hunwicke nods. But, if you don't use my Ordo, you are missing one of the best things in life.


Unknown said...

Why is 'dum' with the subjunctive? My understandnig is that 'dum' with the subjunctive means 'until'. Shouldn't it be indicative here?

Fr John Hunwicke said...

It's the 'cum' construction, isn't it. Post-Classical Latin doesn't always behave itself.

Figulus said...

I'm sure that won't be the least bit surprised to know that the 2000 edition supplies an antiphon for Feria III infra octavam Paschae that is identical to the one you printed above.