27 March 2009

The EF this week

On Wednesday this year the Solemnity of the Annunciation deprived us of the chance of hearing the Mass of the Great Scrutiny, composed when on this day names were registered and instruction given for the Baptisms and Confirmations of the Easter Vigil. That Mass is full of themes of being washed with clean water and receiving Illumination. Then yesterday, Thursday, the catechumens were reminded that the prize of their Christian Initiation is Resurrection Life (the Raising of the Widow's Son at Naim). Today, the same point is rammed home with the Raising of Lazarus.


When I do the Via Matris in church, do I wear a violet or a white stole?

When people have venerated a relic, why do I tap the heads of males, but not females, with the reliquary? Is it something to do with headship? I must ask the 'Reform' Evangelicals at S Ebbe's [my neighbour church] about this. They know all about the Headship business.


Anonymous said...

Same with a blessing: the head of a man, the shoulders of a woman. A cleric must never touch a woman's coiffure - her scorn is age abiding!

(at least, that's what I think the reason may be)

Andrew said...

The people at St Ebbe's (d'you reckon there's also a St Floe, btw?) may know all about headship, but they don't know about relics.

Pastor in Valle said...

Ladies' hats, I was always told, Father.