16 February 2009

Bishopesses and Bishops

Fr Giles, on his blog onetimothyfour uses this term. I am told that it is regarded as politically incorrect. I suggest as an alternative which can offend no-one the word episcopussies.

So Linz is not to get Mgr Wagner as assistant bishop.
The RC Church is getting increasingly autocratic and paranoid about dissent. Just like when the Inquisition was in operation. Except that it's now the heretics who appear to hold the whip.

I had wondered whether The auxiliary Bishop of Linz might do nicely in a Limerick competition. (Older readers will recall Mgr Ronnie Knox and Vermont).


johnreuben said...

My apologies for the following:

The auxiliary bishop of Linz
had been dropping some heavenly hints
on the wrath of th’Almighty
if you don’t wear your nightie
in the fleshpots of damn’d New Orleans

Dad29 said...

Puts me in mind of this marvelous Gilbert/Sullivan parody:


Have fun!!

Ttony said...

The Auxiliary Bishop of Linth
If appointed will stand on a plinth
As the choice of new mitres
Not linked to gauleiters
Is harder than anyone thinkth

(My name is Manuel - I am from Barthelona.)

francis said...

I know my German is terrible, so apologies in advance if this is gibberish:

Der Auxiliarbischof von Linz
Regiert keine Kirchenprovinz.
Seine geistliche Führung
Entfacht viele Rührung;
Er wird nie der Kirche ein Prinz.

William Tighe said...

Flaminica/ae is more bon ton, bon genre, if I do say so myself, while at the same time stigmatizing what they are for the heretical conceit that they are.

Paul said...

There once was a bishop pf Linz
who said, and I quote, "For two pins
I'll call down from heaven
a wind, at eleven,
and by noon we will only have saints."

Anonymous said...

There once was a bishop from Nantucket,

On second thought, I better not go there.

Andrew said...

There once was a bishop of Linz
Who committed only venial sinz
As well as commizzion
There were sinz of omizzion
And counting of angels on pinz.

Fr.Ogs said...

An inordinate hatred of Chintz
Distinguished the Bishop of Linz.
He was once heard to say
(at an auto da fe),
'Those colours: they just make one wince!'

Michael McDonough said...

The auxiliary bishop of Linz
Hasn't been heard of since
Austria said "please,
we'll get down on our knees,
we just cannot stand his two-cents."