26 December 2008

The Anglican Use of the Roman Rite

A Christmas card from Fr Alan Hawkins, one of the senior priests of the Anglican Use of the Roman Rite, in North America; he included a prayer card with this devotion printed on the back:
O Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I offer to you my continual obedience, pleading that all Anglicans seeking union with the Apostolic See of Peter may have fruition of their hope. By the power of your Divine Spirit so guide the Holy Father in Rome that this union will be accomplished; and that what is good and true in the Anglican heritage may be preserved to the benefit of the Universal Church. Grant that Anglican bishops and priests longing for this union may be granted continued exercise of the priestly ministry in an Anglican Rite under the authority of the Roman See and that Christians everywhere may once again know the Chair of Peter as that rock upon which your Church on earth is founded, against which hell cannot prevail. Amen.

Sounds pretty kosher to me.


Unknown said...

As fr as I am concerned that Anglican Rite should be the English Missal. Too similar to the present Latin version to rate a separate body? Not really! Many mny people love the Latin but others, who might otherwise appreciate the Exraordinary Form but find Latin an obstacle might be drawn to the English Missal. So the Extraordianry Form might draw more people. Besides, our tradition of English choral music must not be left behind.

It seems to me that the Anglican Rite is essentially the Novus Ordo. That woudln't draw me, even though it has some improvemnts

Fr John Hunwicke said...

I sympathise to the extent that I would want David's suggestion to be one of the elements in an Anglican Ritepackage.

Little Black Sambo said...

I love "Ritepackage". Is it from the German (& hence, perhaps, the capital letter)?
I agree with David, and have a further, underlying worry. It would be a big cultural jump to an institution that prescribed in minute detail what we were allowed to say. We are grownups. The FiF novus ordo people seem to have no difficulty with this, so it must be something else (but what?) that keeps them in the C of E.

Anonymous said...

The rock which is the Chair of Peter is made of soap stone. I'm still waiting for the Pope's actions to speak as loudly as his moto proprios. I believe many Anglo Catholics subliminally find the Roman cognitive dissonance distressing and those who don't will lurch their way into the Tiber. I vacillate between thinking Benedict is a Judaized Caspar Milquetoast or the best poker player in the game - ever. And despite the possible friend ACs have in the him, what a disaster for a fledgling apostolic administration when a Cardinal Schönborn or Levada succeed him.

That's what I think Sambo; what did you have in mind?

Independent said...

May I inject a frivolous note? You speak of something being "kosher" and that suggest to me a problem. In my crib there has over time crept in a small pig along with the other animals. Should she be there or should she be ejected? It causes must argument in my household. May I belatedly wish you a Happy Christmas Fr Hunwicke, also to Christian and all those one reads with such interest?