22 November 2008


I wonder if I'm the only one who , when he hears talk of the Lottery (although I've never actually had a go at it) fantasises about what he would do if got the twelve million. This week, I have no doubts. I would pay for a lavish advertising campaign on the sides of buses, with this message:

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Fr.Ogs said...

Dear Fr.,
This is wh'at I put in my November 'News-sheet:
"I wonder if, had I enough money, I would put it towards advertisements on Buses: you know that Professor Richard Dawkins (‘The God Delusion’) has had a great fanfare made of the fact that he is helping the Secularist Society – or The Rationalist Society: some such body – in a campaign to ‘counter’ Christian advertising on the sides of buses, with the, for an avowed and militant Atheist, rather coyly modulated statement, ‘God probably doesn’t exist’. Does he, I ask myself, use the same Advertising Agency that a Lager manufacturer did, prominently featuring the word ‘probably’? And, if he really is and they are – Atheist, why the very qualified claim ‘probably’? Isn’t that what mere Agnostics say, or think? Is he, after all, not a ‘strong Atheist’, but a ‘weak Atheist’?
Now I have met and known many ‘weak Atheists’ – those who cannot subscribe to belief in God, or a God; and I constantly meet ‘Practical Atheists’ – those who live as if there were no God, or Gods, who are indifferent to the whole idea: get up, go to work, come home, watch telly, get up, go to work, come home go to the pub, get up, go to work, come home, watch telly - kiddy’s ill, go to Doctor, get prescription, get up, go to work, come home...
Let's start a campaign that proclaims 'Dawkins does not exist... and it is not necessary to invent him.'
As an afterthought, would Professor Dawkins dare to subscribe to buses that said, "Allah does not exist, and M******d is not His Prophet?
I expect the Plod to knock at my door, any momemt now!