12 September 2008

Why do they get my dates wrong?

Whenever I do a draft in advance, store it, and then publish it, the Machinery publishes it with the date of my first draft and not the date when I publish it. I'm finding this irritating, not least because busy people might hit this blog, spot an old date, and travel swifrtly elsewhere without having a look. What can I do to choose the dates I want?


Fr Michael Brown said...

Dear Father,go to edit posts and then when you have the post you want to publish, click on `post options` at the bottom left and on the bottom right you will see `Post date and time` where you can enter whatever time you choose.

I do enjoy your blog.

jason miller said...

Fr. Brown is correct--that is what I do with my blog.

Gregory of Langres said...

It seems the problem is solved!