2 August 2008

A Double Thumping

For so long, we wondered why Rome was so blind to the truth about official Anglicanism; why they pretended that ARCIC was going to produce something really bankable. Now we have Cardinal Dias telling our Establishment that they're the spiritual and ecclesial equivalents of sufferers from Altzheimer's and Parkinson's; and Mr Nice himself, Cardinal Kasper, saying 'Apart from sending you cards at Christmas, we've given up on you'.

Mind you, some deaf never hear. I wonder how long it will be before Anglican heresiarchs resume their two ancestral mantras: (1) 'Rome doesn't really mean that dialogue is at an end'; and (2) ' Of course, the next pope but one ...'


Mgr Andrew Wadsworth said...

Thank you for your comments which I always read with interest. I think it is important to state that ecumenical dialogue at the highest level can only be conducted on the reasonable assumption that the parties involved are truly and authoritatively representative of the bodies for which they speak. This is more problematic with Anglicans and various types of Protestants than it is with our Eastern brethren in the Orthodox Churches as Anglicans who engage in dialogue tend to be more Catholic in their sympathies than may be the case of Anglicans in general. While I believe there was never any real hope of corporate reunion as the Catholic Church has never considered the Anglican Communion to possess the Apostolic Succession necessary to ensure valid orders and sacraments, there has always been and remains the possibility of individual reconciliations with the Catholic Church and in some circumstances individuals may be considered as having a group identity such as a parish, an association etc. The Catholic hierarchy in this country has hitherto not been in favour of the 'pastoral provision' approach adopted in the US, however, in theory that could change. I have always thought it unlikely that buildings could be transfered even if the ecclesial complexities could be worked out. What is now clear on all sides is that the Anglican Communion is more unambiguously a Liberal Protestant Communion moving ever more distant in its ecclesiology and doctrine from its Catholic roots. For catholic-minded Anglicans, such as yourself, I appreciate that this clarification will occasion much soul-searching. If you wish to be truly Catholic, I think that the insight of Cardinal Newman in the appendix to his "Apologia pro vita sua" will be increasingly apposite. There he observes that when a man sees the Catholic Church for what it is, he cannot in conscience remain outside it. You have my prayers and very sincere good wishes.

Adam Mitchell Bond said...

My Endorsing Commentary on Kasper's Address

Maurice said...

I will pray for you and your colleagues at this painful time. The Catholic Church will, I believe, welcome Anglicans in your position with open arms - you will bring much blessing to us! Perhaps we even need you?

Our Lady of Good Counsel, pray for you.
Our Lady of Good counsel, pray for me.